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Whether you’re located in Sorrento Valley or La Jolla (and everywhere in between), our team is here to provide top-notch IT support. This dedicated knowledge hub is packed with valuable insights and information to support business owners like you in the world of IT. Check out what we are serving in your locality or get a hold of our top blogs!

Explore our informative blogs covering topics that matter most to businesses today. At Crown Computers, we take pride in simplifying complex concepts into easy-to-understand language. Join us on this IT adventure as we share our passion for technology one byte at a time.

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  • How to Improve Network Security : Enhance your network security with our comprehensive guide on how to improve network security and defend against evolving digital threats. Learn more!
  • How to Set Up a Dedicated Server : Large businesses often seek dedicated servers. If you want to enjoy control over your IT infrastructure, learn how to set up a dedicated server.
  • How to Stop Unwanted Spam Emails : Are you tired of dealing with unwanted spam emails? Learn how to stop unwanted spam emails with these five effective tips.
  • What Is the Difference between Dedicated and Non Dedicated Server : What is the difference between dedicated and non dedicated server? Know the key differences to stay one step ahead while choosing your preferred server.
  • How Can Your Network Be Infected with Malware : Malware is extremely harmful to your business network. How can your network be infected with malware? Learn 7 common ways and take protection!
  • Why Is It Security Important : Curious to know why is IT security important? Cybersecurity is important because it protects all categories of data from theft and damage. Learn more here!
  • Cloud Servers for Small Business : Cloud servers for small businesses bring benefits that lifts the company. Five smooth and reliable cloud solutions for you to choose from. Get the right one!
  • What Is Network Firewall Security : What is network firewall security? Learn about its types, benefits, and how it can protect your business from cyber threats. Find out more now!
  • What Is Corporate Data Backup : Let’s learn what is corporate data backup! Discover how it can protect your business from potential disasters. Explore effective strategies now!
  • What Is a PBX Phone System : What is a PBX phone system? Learn the definition, features, benefits and more. Explore the way PBX system revolutionizes communication for businesses.
  • Why Data Backup Is Important : Discover the top reasons why data backup is important for businesses. Safeguard your valuable information and avoid costly losses. Learn more!

  • Asset Management in the Remote : Efficient Remote Asset Management: Explore Insights and Strategies with Crown Computer Tech News.
  • Unleash your Mouse Across : Unleash your Mouse Across: Explore, conquer, and thrive in this innovative gaming adventure. Let your mouse redefine your journey!
  • 5 Teams Features and Settings : Discover 5 must-try team features and settings. Elevate your experience with powerful tools for enhanced collaboration and productivity.
  • Dedicated Server : Dedicated servers explained: Exclusive, high-performance hosting for websites or applications. Learn how they work and boost your online presence.
  • Social Media Security : Enhance social media security: Learn to identify social engineering attacks. Strengthen your defenses against cyber threats with vigilance.
  • SharePoint Online : Choosing between SharePoint Online and On-Premises? Get insights to decide effectively based on your business needs, scalability, and convenience.
  • Detect Phishing Emails : Learn 8 effective methods to detect malicious emails. Strengthen your online security and protect sensitive information.
  • Microsoft Forms or Google Forms : Confused between Microsoft Forms and Google Forms? Get a clear comparison to choose the ideal form app based on features and compatibility for you.
  • Credit and Reputation Spotless : Safeguard your credit and reputation using Identity Protection Services. Prevent identity theft and maintain your financial security with expert assistance.
  • Verification Culture : Transform your verification culture with these essential steps. Embrace change and establish a more effective and secure verification process.
  • Microsoft 365 Update Channels : Navigate Microsoft 365 Update Channels effectively. Choose the ideal channel for your organization’s needs, balancing stability and feature access.
  • Volt Typhoon : Assess your vulnerability to Volt Typhoon threats. Gauge your preparedness against this emerging challenge and secure your digital environment.
  • Using Proofpoint Right : Unlock enhanced video experiences with Microsoft Stream. Explore 9 essential features to elevate your content sharing and collaboration.
  • Protect Your Network : Defend your network against malware like a pro! Gain insights and practical tips to fortify your cybersecurity defenses effectively.
  • Rapid Security Response : Stay informed about Apple’s swift security response. Discover crucial insights into their new measures ensuring rapid and effective protection.
  • Computing for Small Businesses : Explore cloud computing advantages for small businesses. Cost-efficiency, scalability, and accessibility redefine operations in this digital era.
  • Cybersecurity and Network Security : Discern the contrast between cybersecurity and network security services. Grasp their distinct roles in safeguarding digital assets effectively.
  • You might get “smished” : Beware of ‘smishing’ scams! Avoid clicking suspicious texts to protect yourself from potential cyber threats and phishing attacks.
  • Cybersecurity Checklist : Empower small business security with the ultimate cybersecurity checklist. Ensure robust protection and data integrity in the digital landscape.
  • Teams Channels to Streamline : Optimize communication efficiency with Teams Channels. Centralize discussions, enhance collaboration, and streamline information flow seamlessly.
  • Speed and Security Upgrading : Elevate speed and security through Wi-Fi upgrades. Experience enhanced connectivity and protection with the latest technology advancements.
  • Network-Based Cameras : Navigate camera options effectively. Select the perfect level of network-based cameras that align with your surveillance needs and objectives.
  • Small Business Owners : Safeguard your business email from hackers. Get expert insights on securing communication channels and defending sensitive information.
  • Managing your Network’s : Gain comprehensive network vulnerability management insights. Ensure robust protection by identifying and addressing potential weaknesses effectively.
  • Anti Malware : Discover Anti-Malware: Your digital shield against malicious software. Learn how it detects and eradicates threats to ensure online safety.
  • 2023 Outlook Exploit : 2023 Outlook exploit FAQs: Get answers to key questions about the latest security concerns and protection strategies for Outlook users.
  • Wireless Network to Secured : Secure your network: Learn how to transform an unsecured wireless connection into a protected one. Ensure data safety and online privacy.
  • Makes Two-Factor Auth : Emerging exploit enforces exclusive Two-Factor Authentication. Explore its impact on security measures and data protection in the digital realm.
  • Use Emojis Anywhere : Master emoji usage across your desktop: Learn versatile methods to incorporate emojis into various applications and enhance your digital expression.
  • What is IT Security? : Demystifying IT security: Essential insights for understanding the protection of digital systems, data, and networks against cyber threats.
  • Business Cyber Security : Empower your SMB with cyber resilience. Follow this checklist to fortify your digital defenses, ensuring security and business continuity.
  • IT Support : Decoding IT support: Explore its significance for businesses. Discover how expert assistance boosts operations, solves issues, and enhances productivity.
  • PCI Compliance : Clarifying PCI compliance essentials. Gain insights into meeting payment card industry standards for secure transactions and data protection.
  • Small Business Network : Navigating small business network security: Get a thorough guide to safeguarding your digital assets, data, and operations effectively.
  • What is Network Security? : Unveiling network security: Essential insights for safeguarding digital communication, data, and systems from cyber threats. Stay protected.
  • Get the Most From Chrome : Unlock Chrome’s full potential with 4 additional tips. Enhance browsing, productivity, and customization for an optimized online experience.
  • Business Network : Effortlessly establish your small business network. Follow this step-by-step guide to ensure seamless connectivity and efficient operations.
  • Managed IT Services : Demystifying managed IT services: Simplified guide to outsourced technology support, enhancing efficiency, security, and business continuity.
  • Encrypting your Hard Disks : Prioritize data security: Key insights before encrypting hard disks. Ensure protection and compliance with robust encryption practices.
  • Small Business Potential : Unleash small business potential through cloud computing. Explore a comprehensive guide to enhance scalability, collaboration, and efficiency.
  • Cybersecurity for Small Business : Secure your small business online with cybersecurity. Discover effective strategies to defend against cyber threats and ensure data safety.
  • Browser for Better Productivity : Boost productivity using the browser: Explore 4 methods to harness its capabilities for efficient multitasking, research, and organization.
  • IT Asset Management : Simplify IT asset management understanding: Learn how to track and optimize digital resources for efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and security.
  • Tech Support and SEO Scams : Stay cautious of tech support and SEO scams. Protect yourself from fraudulent schemes aiming to exploit your trust and resources.
  • Speed up your Workstation : Accelerate your workstation effortlessly with a single trick. Unlock improved performance and efficiency for smoother workflow.
  • Fake Message Phishing : Beware of fake message phishing! Safeguard your personal and financial information from deceptive messages seeking to exploit you.
  • Windows Server 2012 : Don’t delay upgrading from Windows Server 2012. Ensure security, performance, and support by transitioning to a modern, reliable version.
  • 9 IT Myths : Leave behind 9 outdated IT myths this year. Embrace accurate insights to enhance your technology understanding and decision-making.
  • Watch Out for HTML in Emails! : Stay vigilant against HTML in emails! Protect yourself from potential threats and malicious content embedded in email messages.
  • 3 Security Services : Explore 3 vital security services for 2023. Enhance protection with cutting-edge solutions tailored to combat evolving cyber threats.
  • 7 Tips for Traveling : Traveling with tech? Discover 7 essential tips for a smooth and secure journey. Safeguard your devices and data while on the go.
  • 7 Smart Home Life : Uncover 7 ingenious smart home hacks from Crown’s CEO. Elevate your living space with innovative tech tips for enhanced convenience.
  • Microsoft Teams : Master Microsoft Teams with the top 9 tips. Elevate collaboration, communication, and productivity in your workspace effortlessly
  • Tried Turning : Have you tried the classic fix? Restarting can often solve technical issues. Don’t underestimate the power of a simple reboot!
  • The Age-Old Question : Debating Mac or PC? Consider your preferences and needs. Mac offers sleek design, while PC offers versatility. Choose what suits you best!
  • Speed up your Productivity : Boost productivity: Ease up on the mouse. Learn keyboard shortcuts and navigation tricks for a faster and more efficient workflow
  • Need Egnyte : Discover the top 6 reasons to embrace Egnyte. Elevate file management, collaboration, and security for your business seamlessly.
  • Phishing Scam : Attention executives: Beware of this phishing scam. Stay vigilant and safeguard sensitive information from deceptive cyber threats.
  • Vulnerabilities in Office and iOS :  Tackling vulnerabilities in Office and iOS: Take action with timely updates and best practices to protect your digital environment.
  • Company’s Email Signatures : Take control of email signatures using CodeTwo. Streamline branding and communication consistency effortlessly for your company.
  • Top 5 Screenshot and Capture Tools : Discover the top 5 screenshot and capture tools. Capture, edit, and share content seamlessly with these powerful utilities.
  • Top 4 Reasons to Encrypt : Explore the top 4 reasons to encrypt your email. Enhance privacy, security, and compliance with robust email encryption practices.
  • 3 Reasons to Secure : Secure your life with MFA: Embrace multifactor authentication for triple protection. Safeguard accounts, data, and identity effectively.
  • Enhance your Cooking with Tech : Elevate your culinary skills using tech, according to Crown’s CEO. Discover 3 innovative ways to enhance your cooking experience.
  • Hardware Lifecycles : Stay ahead: Understand hardware lifecycles to avoid falling behind. Embrace timely upgrades for efficiency, security, and performance.
  • Migrating to the Cloud : Plan your cloud migration effectively: Explore the top 5 factors to consider. Ensure a seamless transition for enhanced scalability and efficiency.
  • Win+Tab Shortcut : Unlock productivity: Embrace the Win+Tab shortcut for these 4 reasons. Navigate tasks and applications seamlessly with this efficient shortcut.
  • 5 Home Automation : Upgrade your home with these 5 automation essentials, recommended by Crown’s CEO. Transform convenience, efficiency, and comfort.
  • 12 Elite Features : Discover the power of Todyl’s cloud security platform with these 12 elite features. Elevate your digital protection and peace of mind.
  • Protect your Privacy : Safeguard your privacy: Explore the top 2 VPN providers. Shield your online activities and data from prying eyes effectively.
  • Crown CEO’s Top 7 Apps : Explore Crown CEO’s favorite 7 apps. Discover productivity, entertainment, and organization tools that can elevate your digital experience.
  • Online Storage Platforms : Enhance business storage: Explore 3 recommended online platforms. Elevate data accessibility, collaboration, and security effectively.
  • Invest in Your Technology : Prioritize tech investment: Discover the top 4 reasons to upgrade. Boost efficiency, innovation, competitiveness, and user experience.
  • Understanding Microsoft’s 365 : Grasp Microsoft 365’s price increases: Gain insights into the changes and how they might impact your subscription costs and benefits.
  • Need to Know About Smishing : Stay informed about smishing: Learn what it is, how it works, and essential tips to protect yourself from this mobile-based phishing threat.
  • Windows 11 Migration :  Explore Windows 11 migration: Assess if it’s the right time for your organization. Consider compatibility, features, and potential benefits.
  • Top Three Password Managers : Enhance personal security with these top three password managers. Safeguard your accounts and simplify password management effectively.
  • iPhone Features : Discover three essential iPhone features that enhance your mobile experience. Unlock new functionalities and elevate your usage.
  • IT Solutions : Elevate on- and offboarding using IT solutions: Explore 5 effective methods to streamline processes, enhance security, and improve employee experiences.
  • Email with Proofpoint : Safeguard your company’s email with Proofpoint. Discover how this advanced solution can fortify your communication against cyber threats.
  • Cyber Insurance : Get an overview of cyber insurance. Understand how it safeguards your business against financial losses caused by cyber threats.
  • Useful Alexa Features : Explore Crown CEO’s top six Alexa features. Unlock enhanced convenience, productivity, and entertainment with these smart voice-controlled functions.
  • Android Auto or CarPlay : Discover 7 compelling reasons to use Android Auto or CarPlay. Elevate your driving experience with seamless connectivity, navigation, and entertainment.
  • Browser in the Browser Attacks : Stay informed about browser in the browser attacks, single sign-on benefits, and the emerging phishing threat. Enhance your cybersecurity knowledge.
  • Cyber Threats, Data Leaks : Understand cyber threats, data leaks, and credit risks. Stay informed about potential dangers and how to protect your personal information.
  • Internet of Threats : Secure your IoT: Turn it into an Internet of Things, not Threats. Follow best practices to safeguard connected devices and data.
  • Reactive Network Defense : Utilize honeypots for reactive network defense. Learn how these decoy systems can detect and divert cyber threats, enhancing security.
  • Mobile Device Security : Stay ahead with mobile device security. Explore strategies to protect your data, privacy, and productivity in an ever-evolving digital landscape.
  • Social Engineering Scams : Stay vigilant against popular social engineering scams. Learn to recognize and thwart these deceptive tactics that exploit human psychology.
  • Wireless Home Network Security : Elevate your wireless home network: Discover top 11 security and usability tips. Safeguard data and enjoy seamless connectivity effectively.
  • Office365 E3 License : Explore the Office 365 E3 license’s greatness, according to Crown: Uncover 9 awesome features that elevate collaboration, productivity, and security.
  • Firewall and Router Solutions (pt.2) : Dive deeper into robust home firewall and router solutions (part 2). Strengthen security and control with advanced strategies for protection.
  • Serious Home Firewall and Router (pt. 1) : Explore powerful home firewall and router solutions (part 1). Enhance network security and fortify your digital environment effectively.
  • The Pros and Cons of SharePoint : Weighing the pros and cons of SharePoint: Discover its benefits for collaboration and content management, alongside potential challenges.
  • Telephone for Teams : Transition from telephone to Teams: Embrace seamless communication, collaboration, and productivity with this modern digital solution.
  • Apple or Google Data : Reclaim control over your Apple or Google data. Learn how to manage and protect your personal information for enhanced privacy.
  • Crown CEO Software PicksExplore Crown CEO’s software recommendations. Discover essential tools that can enhance productivity, efficiency, and innovation in your digital world.
  • Technology Business Review : Maximize tech value with a Technology Business Review. Assess your digital assets, needs, and strategies for optimized performance and growth.
  • Increase your Workstation’s : Extend your workstation’s lifespan: Boost longevity through regular cleaning. Maintain performance and efficiency with proper maintenance.
  • Common Peripherals : Boost workstation productivity with common peripherals. Explore devices like ergonomic keyboards, multi-monitor setups, and efficient mice.
  • Upgrade your Account’s Security : Enhance account security: Safeguard your data by unlinking third-party apps. Minimize vulnerabilities and protect your digital presence.
  • Powerful Tools to Increase : Supercharge Windows productivity with PowerToys II. Discover powerful tools for efficiency, customization, and seamless multitasking in your workflow.
  • Customize your Windows : Personalize your Windows desktop workflow using FancyZones from PowerToys. Organize windows for efficient multitasking and enhanced productivity.
  • Communicating Clearly : Master clear communication in Zoom. Explore tips for effective video conferencing, ensuring your message is delivered accurately and professionally.
  • Avoiding Subnet Conflicts : Steer clear of subnet conflicts while using your company’s VPN. Learn strategies to ensure seamless and secure network connectivity.
  • Productive Navigation : Boost productivity: Craft a startpage for swift navigation. Organize bookmarks, resources, and tools for efficient browsing and task execution.
  • Privacy around Alexa :  Preserve privacy with Alexa and speech recognition software. Learn how to manage settings, control data sharing, and safeguard personal information.
  • Windows Keyboard Shortcuts : Enhance productivity: Utilize Windows keyboard shortcuts. Streamline tasks, navigation, and efficiency for a more seamless computing experience.
  • Windows 11 Migration : Consider the timing for Windows 11 migration: Evaluate compatibility, benefits, and priorities before deciding whether to upgrade.
  • Patching Security Holes : Secure your systems: Learn the importance of patching software security holes. Keep your digital environment resilient against cyber threats.
  • Employee Security Training : Prioritize security with employee training. Understand why educating your team is crucial for maintaining a robust and resilient digital environment.
  • You Need Three Copies :  Ensure data safety: Maintain three copies of your data. Follow this essential backup strategy for resilience against loss and digital mishaps.
  • Securing your Devices :  Fortify security: Implement two-factor and multi-factor authentication for devices and networks. Enhance protection against unauthorized access and cyber threats.
  • Effective Antivirus Works : Discover the mechanics and significance of effective antivirus. Learn how it safeguards against malware, ensuring digital safety and data integrity.
  • Are Computers Becoming Less Available in 2021? : As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, computers were generally available.
  • Modern Browsers Securely : Safeguard browsing: Stay secure with these 2 tips. Update browsers regularly and configure privacy settings for enhanced online protection.
  • Could Restarting : Restarting your phone may provide partial protection against attacks. It helps clear some threats, but additional security measures are vital.
  • Traditional Hard Disk Drive :  SSD vs. HDD: SSDs offer speed and durability, while HDDs provide more storage at a lower cost. Choose based on performance and needs.
  • 3 Things on Your Work Computer : Avoid these on work PCs: 1. Unauthorized software, 2. Visiting unsecured sites, 3. Sharing sensitive data. Prioritize security and professionalism.
  • Common Phishing Strategies : Stay vigilant against phishing: Recognize these 4 common strategies. Protect yourself from deceptive emails aiming to steal your information.
  • Updating our Password Policy : Revamp your password policy: Strengthen security with stricter requirements. Implement regular changes, complexity rules, and multi-factor authentication.

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