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Long before cloud computing services, we had our Southern California San Diego-based businesses host their cloud resources using the in-house office internet. This is problematic for businesses because they must worry about power outages, disaster recovery solutions, and data breaches to protect their private cloud. They could not promise good instant access to the organizations for their remote users.

Ten years after cloud computing services hit the market, they have become more cost effective. Our San Diego county clients started seeing that cloud services are at a safe purchasing price, highly scalable, and have a full range of technology (Files, Email, and Communication). Microsoft is the leading cloud provider for most businesses, and with its advanced technologies, such as taking:

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  • Files: Sharepoint and Microsoft Teams

  • Security: Microsoft Entra ID 

  • Communication: Microsoft Teams

These above are the trifecta for cloud services San Diego-based customers need. Cloud computing is all bout Files, Security, and Communication.

Crown Computers is a technology consulting firm that’s been building cloud services platforms for businesses since cloud service providers started their platforms. We can confidently say that our cloud migration services team has never had an easier time moving information technology services into the cloud.

Cloud computing solutions save money for organizations, period. Cloud infrastructure is the best place to access your businesses information technology.

Cloud services we leverage:

secure email server

Office 365:

Microsoft Entra ID cloud services:

  • Security
  • Authentication
  • Hybrid clouds allow synchronizing Local security rules to the cloud services and Vice versa

When we provide cyber security services for clients in Entra ID, we can mingle their local Active Directory with Entra ID and create hybrid clouds so that both local servers talk to the Entra ID cloud services.

Crown’s Technology to be Thankful for

Microsoft Teams cloud services:

  • Team discussion and Chat
  • File sharing
  • PBX or phone system
  • Employee Business status presence (Available, DND, Busy, BRB)

Placing our customer’s communication infrastructure platform in Microsofts cloud solutions using teams has been a great experience for our team’s and our customer’s benefits.

Microsoft Exchange and email hosting cloud services:

Email data in Microsoft’s public cloud gives our cloud computing team the ability to deliver solutions to our customers infrastructure that we could never have them pay for. Microsoft’s cloud service provider department has cutting edge technology and data centers in house across the country.

They are the leading provider of email data storage and delivery. We deliver business solutions with them so that our clients technology stack is in line with the best in the industry.

PBX and Phone Communication using cloud services in San Diego county:

So many PBXs over the years have been in-house. Go into their server room and see the big bulky piece of hardware attached to the wall. This is a thing of the past. Telephone infrastructure and support for all our companies in San Diego is now a platform in Microsoft cloud computing services. Businesses in San Diego repeatedly look towards cloud services for their phone and telecommunication needs.

The excellent service Microsoft public cloud services deliver for phone and voice communication is so far ahead of anything that their cloud computing division has come up with to date that Crown Computers also chooses to use it as a phone system, just like the solutions we deliver to our customers.

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Cloud Security services:

Our business chooses to use good security when providing cloud computing services, which may come from MFA, Permissions, and Authentication from cloud companies such as Microsoft. We embrace a single sign-on technology for our clients infrastructure that must be coupled with an MFA platform.

SEIM cloud services: (Security event information management)

So many different cloud services, and we need support from a central service to gather all data to a single storage repository to give good consulting on what to do when XYZ happens.

For example, if someone from Nigeria logs into your office 365 and somehow hacks your MFA, we need a service to protect the business by centralizing all log data in one place to look at one pane of glass to see all threats.

Cloud security needs a ringleader, and Seim solutions deployed by our security team are a good idea for all businesses that crave advanced technologies for their companies infrastructure.

Small and medium-sized businesses need to consider that there are many ways to access sensitive business data because it’s scattered in the cloud.

As crown computers provide cloud consulting, we become your managing director for all cloud service delivery and advocate that our clients consider SEIM-as-a-service in many cases.

We have a SEIM team to deliver this cloud software-based solution around being the ring leader for your cloud data.

In our consulting engagement, our SEIM solutions will watch

The server permissions were a big project that they made so much easier. We were struggling. They came in, figured out a better plan, and executed it flawlessly. We had ...
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Susan Hand
Director of Quality and Facilities, Gallant
The server permissions were a big project that they made so much easier. We were struggling. They came in, figured out a better plan, and executed it flawlessly. We had another project that we had for equipment monitoring, and our previous IT company started with them, and then we brought Crown in it, and so you had to work with that company earlier also with the equipment monitoring company, and it just went so smoothly, and everything was up and running in no time, and it was just it was perfect.
Susan Hand
Susan Hand
Director of Quality and Facilities, Gallant
The pandemic occurred, and we were all ordered to stay home, and I panicked because I had no idea how it would affect my business. I didn’t have any ...
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Lisa Damiani
Principal Attorney , Damiani Law Group APC
The pandemic occurred, and we were all ordered to stay home, and I panicked because I had no idea how it would affect my business. I didn’t have any capabilities of operating remotely, so I called Crown, and Crown helped relieve all of the stress that I had about it and got us all up and running remotely, put us up in the cloud, and we smoothly operated our business from home and our office.
Lisa Damiani
Lisa Damiani
Principal Attorney , Damiani Law Group APC
My favorite thing about working with Crown is; I don’t know if we actually are on a priority list, but I feel like we are, and that is a ...
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Mary Case
Executive Director, Crisis House
My favorite thing about working with Crown is; I don’t know if we actually are on a priority list, but I feel like we are, and that is a great experience because I have no technical skills in that department. So we depend on them for everything that we need.
Mary Case
Mary Case
Executive Director, Crisis House
With the Ultimate Peace of Mind plan I do not have to worry about budget. I know how much I am going to spend for the year. It is incredibly ...
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Susan Brandt
President, Dr. Seuss Enterprises
With the Ultimate Peace of Mind plan I do not have to worry about budget. I know how much I am going to spend for the year. It is incredibly convenient not dealing with the paper work or payment. It is like an insurance policy against computer disasters. Crown protects me in the event anything goes wrong at no extra cost. I feel safe, I do not worry about anything in the news, like viruses or worms. I know it is not going to shut us down because Crown is behind us. I know you are always here for me. You guys are the best!
Susan Brandt
Susan Brandt
President, Dr. Seuss Enterprises

Endpoint protection cloud services:

When consulting with customers about ensuring access to their data from bad actors is protected, we carefully choose certain companies that provide commercial-grade technology that is the best in the industry.

Sophos, Todyl, Sentinal One, and threat locker, to name a few. When we support your companies business infrastructure, we ensure our San Diego-based clients data resources are 100% protected from the bad guys.

Technology threat management cloud services:

Proactive support services for our customers that take a total inventory of hardware and Software on all endpoints to ensure that there are no known threats on your system. We deploy Software that scans endpoints and all other aspects of your hardware and Software.

Honeypot deployment and cloud-managed services:

Stopping an active attack on one of our business networks in San Diego is, for the most part, easy. What’s more difficult is to detect the bad actor before the attack happens. When consulting with a client on things we can do that will put a trip-wire in front of a bad actor, we look towards Honeypot deployment.

Nothing can sound the alarm that someone is doing something their not supposed to be doing other than a good Honeypot. Business security software has many angles; time and time again, a solution like this can help protect sensitive business resources.

Email cloud services with Microsoft office 365:

Technology companies like crown typically look no further than Microsoft office 365 for email services in the cloud. San Diego has plenty of our clients that use office 365. From Teams to Power automation to SharePoint and one drive, you cannot beat office 365 or come close.

We provide managed services for San Diego businesses about their office 365 systems. We also provide consulting services for new companies that want to take their systems into Microsofts Office 365 cloud.

MFA cloud services:

When consulting around security, no security consulting engagement is complete without a look into MFA for authentication protection. Computing resources can become vulnerable to internet bad guys if MFA is not turned on. We have acquired new clients that had security breaches. Then we create managed services agreements with these clients that include top-level security services such as Duo’s MFA solution, owned by the security company Cisco.

Encryption cloud services:

There are many faces of encryption, such as email, File, disk, and entire system encryption, to name a few. We control these services with our managed services agreements for all our clients. The protection encryption is second to none and is regulated by different agencies for some clients.

We invoke DLP (data loss protection) services in a lot of our managed services agreements because we, for example, do not want a credit card to go out in an email or social security number to go out. Our DLP services would catch that to stop sensitive information that encryption services typically protect.

Email Protection for Small Businesses

Password management cloud services:

Most Software, at some point, has passwords. We recommend not using the same password at all places because if someone guesses or hacks a database with our password, they can access other areas of your life. So a centralized password management software such as LastPass, bitwarden, or 1password will centralize your passwords so that your ability to manage the large number of passwords we all face today.

Luckily, we can also implement smartphones and intelligent tablets into the same platform as desktop computers, so we have one solution for all devices.

Dark Web discovery cloud services:

Our company offers dark web scanning for our managed services agreements as well. In the example in the previous paragraphs, we stated that if your password is breached and you use the same password elsewhere, you can get hacked in other areas of your life.

We can monitor your username and passwords to inform you if we find something on the dark web so that you know that this particular password has been breached. The dark web is where password databases are bought and sold, so we have managed services that help detect what usernames and passwords have been breached.

Security services provider and SOC cloud services in San Diego:

Our endpoint protection has higher-level cloud services allowing our NOC team to watch for unusual events and anomalies. Our NOC and Soc cloud services team can develop patterns and develop processes from those patterns to have recipes to protect against any single business from being exploited. Our San Diego customers love our 24/7 NOC and SOC services.

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