Data Recovery Services San Diego

Facts about data recovery services

The threats


Files need to be protected in many ways on many devices. We create custom solutions around data recovery services in San Diego. Our own research has shown us that Non-commercial-grade endpoint protection products may cause you to lose data. If you have a virus event, files may have been deleted by the attacker without good protection. We maintain our businesses with the best device protection against viruses and other threats.

Hardware failure

When it comes to Hardware failure, there are a few options. We can process files and recover data in a number of ways. Data loss for our customers is not an option. We set up secure data recovery services in San Diego proactively.

Meaning our San Diego data recovery services are twofold. One, we make sure your data loss does not happen by placing your files in at least 3-5 different places, all isolated from each other. Two, in the event that hardware failure takes place. We have redundancy to recover data using raid arrays.

If the hardware in a windows system takes place, we can data recover by having a hard drive fail over to another hard drive. Our recovery process can look like recovering data from a hard disk by replacing the circuit board on the actual hard drive because the hard drive data recovery services are not possible due to the fact that the drive needs another motherboard. We have replaced many motherboards on hard drives, and a successful recovery process follows.

Clean rooms

In the unfortunate case that we need to use a clean room for your data recovery, we have many partners that help us make sure that your hard drive data recovery service is the best it can possibly be.

When it comes down to needing a clean room for your hard drive data recovery, its critical that you choose someone that has the best chance of getting the data recovered from your solid state drive, External hard drive, Android smartphones, and other types of hard drive recovery that requires a clean room.

Solid state drives, raid arrays, Backups tapes, LTE, and other storage devices can also be sent into our vendor’s clean rooms. Let us handle your data recovery process.

San Diego data recovery

We operate in San Diego and recovered data for business in the San Diego area. Once our data recovery experts look at our job and begin the free evaluation.

We check for Physical damage, we check to see if any data is visible using our hard and software tools, then our data recovery experts will let your know what your data loss looks like and what recovery options are possible.

We will always recover as much data as we can. We are the best industry for all your data recovery needs in San Diego. Our engineers are skilled in all aspects of technology including any storage device

Natural disaster

We have professional data recovery services in San Diego that use Geographical advantages such as data recovery services plans with data in multiple locations.

For example, one data recovery location can be in the office, and the other data recovery location can be in the cloud, allowing us to deliver secure data recovery services because we know if something bad happens to the office, such as a fire, we can recover data without a problem.

San Diego businesses have come to us for data recovery services for over two decades. We have always been located in San Diego ca. Businesses count on us to maintain their hard drives, external hard drives, and other Integrated circuit assemblies with data recovery services. We are a premier data recovery company in San Diego ca.

Live example of Fire in La Mesa, California, San Diego:

Example of data recovery in San Diego

When the riots hit La Mesa within the San Diego area. We had one of our business clients burn down. This was one of the most interesting San Diego server data recovery missions we have had to date. The servers and storage devices were held in a bank vault, so they were only half charred compared to the rest of the building.

We successfully recovered their hard drives, storage devices, and important files. We still provide them with technology services to this day, and they would be happy to get a call so we can revisit this story with you and them on the phone.

It’s truly an amazing quick story about data recovery in San Diego. We also made sure that we archived their old computer hard disk drives as well.


Simple Human/Social Engineering

We have data recovery services and are familiar with storage devices and external hard drives, and stand as an industry leader among data recovery companies. We give exceptional customer service in San Diego. We talk to clients about data recovery services by letting them know there are many ways to get attacked, such as social engineering.

When people call and ask to take control of your computer because they are the “Help desk” calling in to do a patch, please beware and do not fall for such a trick.

Phishing attacks

These types of attacks are very sneaky for customers in the San Diego ca. When you receive an email, make sure you are making sure that the data that it has on it is valid such as checking URL’s before clicking on them and validating them.

If you feel like something is suspicious, then make sure that email is deleted. Emails like this will cause the business to go into data recovery mode potentially. We express in many ways to our business customers to please, No clicking on emails that feel like they might be a phishing attempt.

We have secure service programs that can help with this, such as making sure your tea is trained by sending them emails that have fake websites, and if they fall for the scam, it will show them how to in a more healthy way to deal with email that might invoke a data recovery service.

We are proactive in that manner, so you do not have to go to the next level of data recovery service because you’re following our advice to ensure you’re taking very cautious steps. Call us for a free estimate of our Phishing prevention training services in San Diego ca.

Spam protection equals less lost data

We invoke the best of the best computer spam protection, San Diego data recovery services are only used when needed. Our Team of computer engineers chooses the best-in-class spam solutions to prevent your storage device from getting infected by the bad guys.

With our services, you will way less likely to need to ever recover data using a clean room, for example. We prevent our clients from data recovery needs by implementing recover locations in many different locations. We protect your desktop as well as your server and storage devices. Our technology solutions protect every device you have in your technology stack from your desktop all the way to your servers.