Dedicated Server Hosting San Diego

Access to data in the most healthy way is important

Here are some healthy reasons to use dedicated servers from Crown Computers.

More than one way to power your organization

Most office parks do not have the facilities to offer redundant power options. For example, if San Diego Gas and Electric decide to turn the light out in your office park. All your remote employees will not have access to critical data at your business location.

If the power is out, then the Internet is out as well. To control internet access to your servers, we need to place them in a location that is not affected by a single point of failure. This is why our co-location has redundant power and diesel engines in the back ready to fire off and power the whole complex in the event SDG&E has an event that leaves customers and users with no power.

Let us manage your servers and other services in our support.


Avoid outside physical threats such as Fire, Theft, and natural disasters


“We didn’t start the fire”

Billy Joel

You may not have started the fire but we can protect you from it. Crown Computers can protect you from it that’s for sure. If your servers are in our San Diego co-location and under our control, let’s pretend a fire breaks out in the area around your server.

Fight fire with Bromotrifluoromethane, Otherwise known as Helon gas or fills the room with uncanny speed and smothers the fire without damaging any electronics on your server. Plus the area in which the server is in, there are no combustible materials allowed around or in the facilities, AKA no cardboard, papers, etc. That is kindle for a fire to start.

Rest at ease with the security of knowing your entire server is under our control and fully protected.


Dedicated servers and other network equipment also add the ability to create redundancy in the network. If your office experiences Theft and all the technology gets stolen, your dedicated server solution here in San Diego has you covered.

We can recover your server on the same business day. Chances are we will contact you before you contact us about the event because your servers are managed by a dedicated server team.

Your dedicated server solution with our in house services is sure to keep your business resources going in the event your office host and office resources are down in any way dues to theft. We will support you and get your site back up so you can rely upon us to be your San Diego dedicated server support team.

Natural disasters:

Earthquakes, floods, or other natural disasters, we will provide services to you that will protect your servers from all of nature’s unexpected behavior. We have a wide array of solutions to protect your server, website, Data services, and other dedicated services that your business needs up and running.

Our dedicated server site will surely give you the performance you need to ensure your hosting account server is protected and managed by our hosting facility. Our site is reliable with built-in redundancy, so you can rest assured that if mother nature decides to bring an interesting variable to the equation of life, we will respond accordingly.

With many hosting companies to choose from, we are the best choice:

Contact us for any questions or reach out on our website and inquire about dedicated server support. Our sales representatives are also Engineers as well so we will never sell you something you do not need.

In addition, our sales representatives will talk about crafting the solution you need, You need your own Ip address that is static? You got it! Need search engine optimization, we have the best people for that. Do you need a certain amount of bandwidth? we handle all your bandwidth needs.

Our shared hosting facility that’s dedicated to providing you high performance services is a perfect choice. Dedicated servers with us in full control means high performance security as well. We manage the dedicated internet of your hosted server and website designed to give you keep metrics about your dedicated server.

San Diego has always been our home

Since we started helping businesses with dedicated servers in San Diego, we have seen our server farm grow one server at a time to now a few thousand. For more the two decades ago we have combined the strength of all the knowledge within that time into your hosting account.

A server hosted with us is a server that is protected

We are dedicated to protecting your server that is providing a website, security or other services such as Exchange services and or File hosting services. Sometimes we have clients that like the idea of redundancy within their office and replicating all of their data to the dedicated server colocation facility.

NAS devices that replicate the network office and your hosting account at our dedicated server center.

We like the idea of immutable data. In a backup process, it’s a must to have this. If you have your NAS backup in your office. Consider replicating that NAS data to our dedicated server solution using Rsync or other technology that can take your data elsewhere in a safe, secure way.

This is a best practice to have your data in different locations if something happens to the backup data. It’s common these days for randsomeware to damage your file server and other places where you store your backups. Why not consider having immutable backups and moving them to another location altogether this way, the ransomware has no way to access this data.

Dig your well before you get thirsty

When disaster strikes, it’s too late to react, We help measure risk with our managed services and software tools that manage our business daily. We proactively talk with you about all the different scenarios that could occur and make sure that we are choosing the best configuration using previous experience and best-in-class solutions.