San Diego Dedicated Server

Our standard dedicated server platform is a high-performance, 1U high Supermicro chassis with your choice of processors ranging from Core2 Duo E6600 and Quad Core Xeons with up to 8Gigs of RAM. All servers start with a minimum of 1G of RAM. All our servers have switched 100Mbit/s Ethernet connection. Customized configurations are available. We can also co-locate your provided hardware.

Web-based Availability Monitoring

All of our Dedicated Servers are monitored for availability. You will be paged and/or e-mailed in the event your server goes down. This web-based system can also give you up-time statistics and you can perform ad hoc queries against historical data for your servers. We can also monitor network-based services such as HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SMTP, POP3, DNS, and others on your server for availability.

Each and every switch port is monitored for bandwidth and errors. You get 24×7 web-based access to these graphs that detail your bandwidth utilization in speed, data transfer over time, as well as errors and discards at the switch port.

The facility is staffed 24×7 and is serviced with redundant air, power and network. We share the facility with some of America’s top financial institutions, government contractors, biotech and research organizations, hosting companies and network security companies.

Our network’s lightning quick, punchy network response to almost anywhere is ensured by an Avaya Converged Network Analyzer powered performance-based self healing network. The Converged Network Analyzer device monitors latency, jitter, packet loss and handshake round-trip time, BGP blackouts, brownouts and more, then routes your traffic though the fastest and most reliable backbone. The selected route used for each communication will be the fastest of any of our direct connectivity to Level 3, MCI/UUNet, Cox, Qwest, Verio, WilTel, Yipes, and our OC-48 to One Wilshire Blvd for another 80 providers. This solution increases performance by greater than 50% over regular BGP solutions. There just isn’t a better network in San Diego.

All dedicated and co-located servers are located behind a very powerful transparent firewall. We will provide any filtering rules you require to protect your systems, at no additional cost to you. Most providers do not even offer this service, those that do may charge as much as $200/mo for the service in addition to hosting charges.

All systems on our network are monitored by an Intrusion Detection System, which may alert our staff to attempted attacks to or from your server.

We are proud of our solid performance and availability.

Features Available On All Servers Dedicated Server
Monthly Data Transfer 250,000 MB
Ethernet Switch Port Speed 100 Mbit/s
Your actual max burstable speed 100 it/s
Your Own IP Address checkmark
Unlimited Additional IP’s at no charge with standard justification checkmark
Free Initial Custom OS installation checkmark
Root password to your server checkmark
KVM over IP access when needed checkmark
Shared Firewall Service Included !
3Ware 9650SE or 8006-2 RAID card (RAID 0 or 1) Optional
Data Backups Optional
Operating Systems
Windows 2000 or 2003 Lic. Req’d
Data Center & Network
99.9% Uptime Guarantee checkmark
Server and Service Monitoring (Nagios) with Customer Paging checkmark
Customer Accessible Traffic Graphs (Cacti) checkmark
2 megawatt Battery Backup (UPS) checkmark
2 megawatt Diesel Backup Generator checkmark
OC-12, OC-48 and Multi-Gigabit Connections
to 8 Carriers and 40 peers
BGP Fault-Tolerant Routing checkmark
Route Science Optimized Routing checkmark
24-hour Fast Response Email Support checkmark
24-hour “Remote Hands” (reboots, etc) checkmark
12-hour Telephone Support (8am to 8pm PST) checkmark


We have systems standing by for you to move into quickly. Be up and running in a few hours.