Spam Filtering

Crown Computers makes email Spam filter options for our small business customers, a well-taken-care-of solution in their technology stack.

All our email spam filter engineers know how to block spam emails and configure anti-spam filter options and phishing attacks. All our email spam filter products take granular control of user or domain aliases to customize a spam filter per user and company-wide rules.

Our email spam filtering services allow us to customize IP address ranges of acceptable spam filtering and block other suspicious emails that may have come from that same range of IP addresses.

We provide flexible ways to discover phishing email attacks before they deliver their harmful payload of Zero-day attacks or other harmful messages.

Spam Emails

These can take precious time away from your day. Our spam filtering solution provides spam filters that block malicious emails. Our email spam filter will give you a daily digest of suspicious emails.

Our spam filters work to block spam in your outlook and other email software. Our Email filter also helps protect against zero-day attacks.

We have a watchful eye on the best email spam filter and always attempt to have clients benefit from the top of the industry at the time.

As email threats come into small business email inboxes, our spam prevention tool is designed to stop all kinds of email-borne threats and will also help create fewer false positives.

Block spam

We have the best email spam filter in the industry, as rated by many technology studies in our technology field of expertise. Our spam filter not only blocks spam but it gets rid of all types of phishing attacks that might halt business, as it’s known that many zero-day attacks are known to create havoc on endpoints of all kinds.

Spam filter options are also important, so you can put in false positives when needed and whitelist or blacklist email addresses that you wish to. Spam filters come from many manufacturers and sometimes get stale; therefore, you must move your spam filter service to another, more effective one.

Moving your spam filter service can take a chunk of time and preparation; however, we believe it’s better to move spam filter services than to stay with a spam filter service that is not performing for your employees.

Email Spam Filter service

Crown Computers has delivered Centralized spam filter services for Decades. We use our decades of experience to create a customized and centralized solution for your business. For Example, sometimes all Spam filters need adjusting and do not act as we want them to.

We ask that our business clients either self-service or call us so we can assist. We respond to our client’s tickets regarding these types of issues very quickly. We love giving good email spam filter service to our clients. We have a passion for saving the day and, at the same time, prefer that we set up things so that your spam filter works without issues proactively.

Sometimes spam filter solutions do end up having false positives. They mistake legitimate emails for spam. Business employees suffer every minute they do not receive that particular email.

Spam filtering Service

We have granular control of our spam filter service, and the only requirement is that we have complete control of the

Office 365 email accounts

Detailed features of email spam filter service

The Levels of blocking spam

Below is an advanced description of spam filters and how spam emails and legitimate mail filter down into the email delivery system:

Level 1 DMARC

At this level, we are dealing with the ISP and where MX records are going to and it gets into some pretty technical explanation. One of our engineers describes this area of email filtering as the following;

 DMARC builds upon the protection provided by SPF and DKIM by performing lookups on incoming messages at the ISP/Provider level to ensure that messages are coming from only allowed/approved mail systems. It requires checks of existing DKIM and SPF records in DNS. Anti Spoofing and Anti Phishing is the primary benefit of using DMARC.

Level 2 Spam filtering service: Proofpoint, barracuda, Mimecast, and others

This is where the first level of centralized filtering happens. The companies stated above are constantly trying to play catch up against the spammer’s latest attempts and tactics. Some companies start losing traction and we will advise that clients go to another spam filter service. This only happens every few years or even a decade, but we cannot however afford to get behind the ball and be complacent because it comes down to giving back all employees their time and also creating more security for our business customers.


Level 3 Email clients such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Apple Mail on iOS or others on Android

With Outlook, you have junk mail settings and white list settings. These spam settings are outside of a centralized solution. Outlook for example also includes a junk folder as well. This can get a little tricky because now the end-user has 2 spam folders to beware of now. One in the cloud and one locally. This can be looked at as double protection or too much protection. This is a personal decision perhaps and can be customized to fit each use case.

Level 4 Email host providers such as office 365, Go Daddy or other Imap or Pop3 clients

To add to the mix one additional layer of spam filtering service, we can look at office 365. So in Office 365 we have EOP which stands for Exchange online protection. It’s nice the Microsoft has done this because they will include algorithms that call on the latest anti-spam and anti-phishing attacks. Their are some emails that office 365 can look at and say this is obviously spam and help block it which is nice.

Crown Computers past and what we did to get here to our current spam filter solutions

From the Mid 1990’s to 2022 and beyond

History of Spam filtering service and software

Spam filtering service at this level is the heart and soul of a spam filtering solution. Effective spam filter service is very important to businesses because it can save hours and hours per employee per year.

The Mid 1990’s: and Spam filtering solutions with Crown Computers

Before spam filtering and spam filtering software dealing with malicious email threats was a nightmare for managed service providers like us at Crown Computers in the 90’s. Spam software was available for sale in the 90’s.

However, if you didn’t buy good spam software, unwanted messages and a flurry of malicious messages were practically unstoppable and very annoying. First came software-based solutions for spam messages.

Platforms like Outlook Express, Netscape Email, and Outlook were prominent, and Exchange servers were less common in mid-’90s. Most business emails were accomplished via the POP3 and SMTP protocols. Email databases were not centralized. Mostly they were located on end-user machines, such as the case with the email clients above.

The 2000, 2010’s and 2020’s

Spam filtering solutions with Crown Computers

Email spam filtering services would start to blossom later in the 2000s. In the 90s, spam filtering services is delivered via software installs mostly and this was the most attainable spam filter for the small business.

This software would block certain emails based on tracking where the emails came from, and people fighting spam used to get black listed then the good figures of spam messages would share these lists, and the software would get rid of all the spam messages in your inbox that came from any of these places.

It was pretty amazing when this spam filtering software or software known as a spam blocker was invented because you would go from not being able to use your inbox to having only relevant email messages in your inbox. This was a major step in fighting against malicious emails.

After 2000 Decentralized became centralized for Spam filtering services

Spam filtering solutions were still decentralized and needed to be installed on each workstation.

However, at the turn of the century, Microsoft pushed a product called “Small business server 4.0, then 4.5, and then version 2000. This made small businesses like Crown Computers gain the ability to have enterprise users mail server accounts using a product called Exchange for a fraction of the cost.

Centralizing the employee’s email so that Microsoft office software outlook could be used to access the exchange server’s email account per small business enterprise users. Then you had one throat to choke with centralized solutions.

Centralized spam filters would range from firewalls that had spam filter capabilities to services on the Internet that had spam filter options. Also, many technology vendors that previously never sold spam filter solutions started selling them, such as SonicWall, Symantec, McAfee, and other vendors.

These companies saw spam filters as a way to gain another way to keep customers close by and into their specific ecosystem of products. This was a good move however, in the end, companies that do not specialize in email solutions usually fall off the cart of being a best-in-class spam filter because their solution is a watered-down spam filter because they focus on so many other things as well.

They cannot focus their energies on spam filters because they are so busy with other things, such as Firewalls and or endpoint protection. Observing spam filters over the past few decades, we believe that good spam filter solutions come from companies that spend more Dev work on these products, which is their flagship product.

Watered-down spam filters focus on other products first such as a firewall or some kind of hardware appliance. They also may have endpoint protection and or virtual Firewall flagship products and then have a spam filter product to check a box. Crown Computers recommends businesses that we protect stay away from spam filter solutions from these companies. We are constantly trying to make sure we have the best solution for our clients and we are not afraid of moving services as well.