Network Support San Diego

We have been helping San Diego-based businesses for over two decades on their computer networks. Using our Helpdesk ticketing system, we give white glove tech support services San Diego businesses need. We are very passionate about technology, and all our team is the same.

A few qualities of our services separate us from other Managed IT services in San Diego county.

We always answer the phone with a live human

You will never get an answering machine or press 1 for this or press 2 for that. It will always be Full time in-house live person. So, you will never need to wait for support technicians when a problem arises.

We generate tickets 24/7

A Problem arises, and our San Diego managed support IT technicians deliver the computer support your small business needs around the clock. Our happy clients love our computer support, and most issues can be solved remotely. Our support team can track the solution for the support service ticket. Small business owners need computer support quickly delivered, and we watch our support boards 24/7.

We hire only the best IT technicians in San Diego County

Our outsourcing services in the San Diego area are top tier because we have an extensive hiring process which includes passing many tests even to be considered to work as a computer consultant under our company.

For example, here is our gauntlet of qualifications one must pass to be considered:

    1. Network security assessment test
    2. Deep Personality test to make sure our culture will fit
    3. IT infrastructure test
    4. Drug test
    5. Deep background check
    6. Live computer network test
    7. A series of interviews

When we hire someone to manage IT support services for one of the organizations we give network consulting management to, we expect best-in-class results. Please refer to our website reviews. Many of them give accolades to our support consulting employees by their first name because they give only the best San Diego IT support possible. Our clients receiving our San Diego computer service is proof of our focus on giving our clients the best managed IT services they could receive.Crown Computers is also a small business owner that stays active in the small business, ensuring we deliver a cost-effective reasonable price with no strings attached.

We are a 24/7 operation and have full-time engineers working at all hours

Whatever the time may be, some small businesses need help at all times of the night, whether on-site or remotely; we deliver technology-managed IT services to our Southern California business clients. When you call after 5:00 pm, a message machine will state that you have reached us after business hours and press nine if you need computer support services. Upon hitting the 9, it will ring our company, and we will manage your software, hardware, security, or computer network issue with many solutions to choose from. We go on site or give network consulting with no hidden fees with some of the finest services San Diego has to offer.

We have been in business for over 2 decades and the owner has worked at the business since he was 14 years old

We have deep roots in San Diego giving support services in San Diego for that long. The owner has watched the internet grow up companies from 2800 baud modems up to today’s high-speed fiber connections our San Diego computer IT support services support. Being a services provider for San Diego for this long makes it easy to deliver and keep many small business owners as happy clients. Being in business this long also helps us provide technology consulting service and solutions that are best in class. There are many benefits to choosing us and we understand technology in various industries. Our team which spans over two decades of support San Diego has enjoyed is easily provided because we enjoy technology. We keep San Diego managed with great management that has been with us for decades. Our management team for servers, Software, and service are constantly looking at the new horizons of technology for the best solution our company can provide. The company strives to innovate different solutions over the past two decades with different computer network strategies. From servers to software to network and security we just love giving great service over the past two decades.

We have Security solutions down pat and give a free assessment for businesses in San Diego CA for qualifying businesses

Network security assessments are free to qualified prospects. We have software scan the network and detect hardware and software vulnerabilities. Our virtual-based hardware scanning will generate a report that will be able to give you a clear view of what is going on in the network and tell you what each computer vulnerability. We track hardware changes and report each computer and will deliver a complete list of all the new hardware that has been discovered as well. We track what has been changed in the network and what has been left unchanged. Our clients have sensitive data that needs protection. After the assessment we will give you a flat rate and choice on all the plans we can provide to you to make sure your business does not fall into a security event that can be catastrophic. We take pride in giving San Diego ca businesses the best San Diego IT support available.

We are Project experts and masters of Visio drawings, we are passionate about documentation

San Diego IT support without good documentation is like peanut butter without the jelly. San Diego support without good Visio drawings is like Halloween without the costumes. We will ensure your project does not blue screen by implementing Gant charts and creating sops for your project all the while making sure that we have reversible steps in case the project needs to halt and go back to the way things used to be. We are so careful with San Diego IT support projects.