IT Support Services San Diego

Here at Crown Computers, one of San Diego’s best IT consulting firms for over 20 years, we focus on taking care of your entire technology needs so business owners can focus on they do best.

We understand that it’s hard for small and medium-sized businesses to hire a full or even part-time IT person, so we are a perfect fit for businesses with 10-200 workstations. Being in business in San Diego for so long, we are confident that our network experts can handle your company’s whole business Technology platform. We have done this for hundreds of companies in San Diego that are similar to yours.

Here are some reasons why we will help your business be more productive and give your employees more time to focus and increase your bottom line.

1.) 24/7 Support

Have confidence in knowing you can reach a technician any time of day. During our non-business hours, we provide an “emergency line” that rings directly to our technicians’ cell phones. You get to speak to someone directly and promptly.

2.) Monitoring System

By placing a monitoring system on your network, we can watch events such as Microsoft patches, Backup alerts, Antivirus alerts, Disk space, and event log issues. We follow a proactive philosophy about fixing computers before they break. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

3.) Ticketing system

We are experts at the help desk. We use a secure ticketing system and help desk to keep track of your business computer issues when you call in or email regarding your technical problem. The helpdesk system tracks your business issue at hand. When a ticket is created, it gets assigned to the next available technician. Our helpdesk system allows our clients to keep track of the progress on business issues. Our business clients know how long we have worked on it. All our network engineers put time notes in so you can always research what has been accomplished. We are 100% transparent with our network tickets. We want our business clients to know what is going on with thier networks.

4.) Make sure your data is always safe with Offsite Back-ups

With offsite back-ups in place, we can ensure your business data is protected every day in the cloud. Most businesses are so busy that they do not have time to watch the Backup Status and Offsite Backup Status or verify that all data makes it offsite. Leave this to our network engineers because, with our 20 years’ experience, you don’t ever have to worry about your data being lost. We recommend for all businesses to have both onsite and offsite backup plan in place.

5.) Disaster recovery

What happens if your business network goes down first thing in the morning? Our expert engineers and computer consultants can help you recover. We implement disaster recovery at all clients. We find a way to get you up and running the quickest and easiest. We offer many options for Backup that we use in case of a disaster. Check out all our computer backup solutions.

6.) No obligations and don’t get stuck in a contract

Crown Computer Consultants offer fair plans for a monthly basis. After signing up for our customized to your business service agreement, you are never obligated. We want to make sure that every client is delighted with our service! We earn your business every month and never hold your business hostage to a contract. We do offer discounts for businesses that want to pay annually.

7.) Remote assistance

It is much more cost-effective to fix remotely compared to onsite. When a business submits a “ticket,” we work on the issue remotely most of the time. Unless it requires hands-on technical support, we diligently try to fix it remotely. Remote computer support saves our clients the business’s time and money.

8.) References

We are confident about our technology business services offered we can provide references to other clients. Don’t hesitate to ask during your consultation. Also, check out our testimonials to hear from some of our client’s themselves.

9.) Business reviews

Depending on preference Once a Month\Quarter\Annualy, we do reviews with our clients. We speak to whoever is in charge to ensure we are doing our job to make you happy. While this is a less technical meeting, any issues you should have, we can review. Our business Crown Computers, wants to know how we can better our services for your business needs and talk about future projects in the works. We are always making our core business better.

10.) Experience and Years in Business!

Plain and simple, your local computer consultants have been in the business for over 20 years. Our business enjoys educating about our methods and how they help your business because that is why we are here. To help San Diego companies with their computer and network support needs.