Peace of Mind Technology

What is a Peace of Mind Plan, you may ask?

It is one of the contracts we offer. Our Peace of mid technology plan is meant to give you solutions that will do just that. Let you sleep at night while we worry about technology.

Our employees work 24 hours a day on our peace of mind technologies. We have many different aspects to our peace of mind technologies, such as



We always try to have three separate ways to restore your data. Business data is precious in many cases. So we protect it like it was our own family.

We create processes that make it, so we have many ways to restore data and do not rely upon one method to restore business data.


We make sure all machines are updated with security updates and the latest recommended Microsoft updates.




We use a state of the art Help desk ticketing system. In our industry its the most widely used and popular and most expensive system. We have grown to love this system and enjoy using it. It first perfectly with our peace of mind technologies.


Endpoint protection

We take business security seriously. We make sure that clients are protection on a higher level. For example, We used to use Antivirus that uses heuristics to stop bad actors.

We need now even stronger ways of defending against bad actors. The benefits of strong endpoint protection are extremely beneficial.


We do business reviews with our clients to find out how we can align technology with Business. The idea is that Technology should follow the business needs and not the other way around.


Emergency after-hours support

Anytime you dial us , we will answer, we have an emergency line that always is ready to take care of your business.

24/7 remote support

Our remote access software will help us take control of the issue at hand and guide your issue into a completed state.

Monitoring or endpoints and services

We watch for services, and other technoliclogical thresholds to ensure that we are watching important metrics and KPI’s around services that matter to your business and need to stay up.


High-end security solutions

We have certified engineers that are ready to help develop a great security solution for your business.

We service your company and will configure your business network and all connected Servers, Routers, Switches, PCs, and Peripherals to proactively allow our team to manage and maintain your network environment facilities.

Our company and its engineers will deliver safety to your business’s network. We have a culture of enjoying our job and promoting growth opportunities for our hard-working engineers. We have fun at our jobs which keeps employee retention higher. Customers receive a higher level of peace of mind technologies because we have fun at work. Passion is our fuel.

It’s important that when we hire our engineers that we go through a rigorous process or personality, skill assessment, multiple interviews, and other processes that weed out concerns on both ends of the table to ensure that the engineers that we allow in our organization suit our workplace culture. Current employee retention is at an all-time high. We also give our employees job security by keeping our service and security a priority.

Our formula is simple

Happy, healthy clients = best-in-class security solutions for businesses we protect + best-in-class technology solutions + Peace of mind technologies that harmonize + healthy business company culture + Engineers that are passionate and Expect communication and give communication + Investing in our engineers + Knowing our industry and industry tools + Reviewing peace of mind technologies once a year per business = All amounts to the formula we hold close to our business and gives our engineers/managers/Clients security knowing that we search for responsible support

Our business peace of mind technologies package includes

  • “All You Can Eat” Remote Helpdesk during Business Hours (with gold or platinum)

  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year Network and Critical Device Monitoring / Optimization

  • Critical Offsite Data Storage via Crown Nightly Offsite Backup Services

  • Disaster Recovery Images via Crown Imaging Services

  • Vendor Management

Benefits received:

  • Much Faster Response Time To Trouble Tickets

  • Predictive, Proactive IT Support

  • Increased Operational Efficiency

  • Reduce and Control your Operating Costs

  • Cost-Effectively Gain Access to Enterprise-Level Support Staff

  • Experience Minimized Downtime

  • Regain the Ability to Focus on running your Business, not your vendors

  • Receive Peace of Mind Knowing that your Network is being Monitored 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week