Business Phone Systems San Diego

Different business phone systems solutions for San Diego businesses:(not one size fits all)

We help design business phone systems for many businesses in San Diego, ca. For over two decades, we have set up business phone systems for San Diego, ca businesses.

Listed below are the business phone service companies we work with:

Microsoft Teams: (From 2 employees to 2000+)

(One of our favorites for San Diego business phone systems)

Microsoft Teams is a new phone system that provides excellent business phone system service for San Diego ca based businesses and also have nationwide coverage.

You can use this service to centralize customer calls if you have multiple locations, for example, one in San Diego ca and one in Las Vegas, NV.

They have created a very feature-rich phone system, and many of our San Diego ca based businesses are using their service for their VOIP solution now. They also have an added benefit of a great chat system that integrates with office 365.

You can have video chat services support standard POTS phone system calls. This business phone system bridges the gap between VOIP and older phone systems.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams features:

MS Teams Features

Installation is easy, the user interface is feature-rich, and the voice quality is 99.999% great, so long as your internet connection is suitable if your San Diego-based business building loses power.

Do not worry because this PBX will work on your smart device, and you can go home and support customers with the same service you do when you are in your San Diego business.

So long as you have internet, you can work from anywhere, not just in San Diego. Installation can range from 20 minutes per user to 1 hour, depending on the customization of the service and features required. Also, no extra data cabling if you use it on your computer or smart phone. Not requiring an additional data cabling line saves your business money.

This system is best with no hard phone because you can use your smartphone as your smartphone becomes your business phone system all in one.

Many of our San Diego use Microsoft Teams business phone service because of the flexibility. It has hard phone options if you need that service. However, we recommend this system if you can stay away from hard phones.

For example, you can transfer a call from your smart phone to the phone that’s on your desktop computer. You can speak into your headset connected to your computer’s USB port. You can also alternatively connect to the call on both phones as well. Maybe you want to see on your computer for the wideness of the screen, and you want to use your phone because you can then use your apple headphones.

Calls come in, and you answer the call on your headset. Voice controls such as volume are controlled via your mouse. Support of your San Diego phone services per customer is centralized. With this Phone system, the PBX is in the cloud. Your voicemail can be accessed via your computer internet or smart phone internet.

Another Phone

Teams is a feature-rich business phone service that many of our San Diego, ca, customers have chosen. The business is saving money as well because you do not have to have any premise based equipment. It’s a business phone service and PBX based in the cloud.

You can be anywhere and communicate on the Teams business phone service. The VOIP solution is always up to date. You can use IP phones with this business phone system or not. Many users choose to use the soft phone features because it creates such flexibility.

San Diego businesses choose this system for its voice quality and lack of premise based equipment. Installation is a snap with this business phone service, and our engineers know how to set up all the users in your company on this phone system. We help treat San Diego businesses to their new voicemail so they can refer to calls they may have missed.

We can route calls to different phone numbers. We can route calls to another office if you have more than one office. Say the person that answers the phone in one office is sick. Then the other business location can answer the phone for that part of the company.

If one office has too many calls and is busy, it can then roll over to the other business location saving the company money from having to hire more staff in one location. We enable the features you need and consider the internet connection as well. It may be a good idea to have more than one way to connect to the internet and have a failover connection.

two phones

The only bad news we have about Microsoft teams: Poor SMS Support

phone sketch

The one thing we do not like about this phone system is that it does not have a text option. Microsoft Teams doesn’t have a way to accept texts or SMS. Another option for San Diego business phone services is below. 

There are other solutions that cover this need, however—other third-party options.

The cool thing about SMS is that you can separate it from your primary phone line. Many businesses have had their phone line since the 80s or older. These businesses can now split off their main phone with SMS. So, people can message the old phone line, and it will be able to operate with the new SMS solution. It can be powerful to put on your website, To call or text us on the same number we have had since the 1980s, for example.

Hard hand-based phones that sit on a desk: (Becoming a thing of the past with some exceptions)


Some San Diego businesses need a phone system that you can pick up and hang up the phone. For example, if your restaurant has people doing many things, such as taking food orders over the phone system, then jumping back to the register to ring up customers.

Many of our San Diego-based business phone systems cater to a hard hand-based business phones. You can have many phone numbers that have forwarding features and go to voicemail if needed.

You can have people answering from a remote location and provide nationwide coverage from one location. VOIP has made it easy for employees to give service from their homes or smart phones.

So long are your Internet data connection is good, you can use Teams or Transparent VOIP in this case. Your data cabling needs at least Cat 5 on any of these solutions, so keep this in mind. We may want to run new data cabling if this is not the case.