Managed IT Security San Diego

Over the past ten years, security events in San Diego county for small businesses and the need for stronger security for technology has increased at an alarming rate.

Network security and cutting-edge solutions for medium-sized businesses have also affected their technology stack to increase the use of disaster recovery and strategy consulting around compliance.

This has made managed service providers create more efficient solutions around managed security. Businesses fear a cyber attack that could hurt their clients by stealing their data. Secure networks are now a competitive edge and a businesses day-to-day battle against a cyber attack. Add in the new remote workforce from covid, secure networks and quality managed service providers are forced to gear up on security to ensure their clients in the San Diego area have strong support services for security and Compliance purposes.

Here are the services in San Diego Crown Computers can offer you to help defend your small business and medium sized businesses:

Vulnerability Assessment and managed security services

Managed IT services around security have many battlefronts. In the case of Vulnerability Assessment, a Security services provider such as Crown Computers, a leading provider can help by implementing network solutions such as Qualys and Nessus to track hardware devices and alerts based on vulnerabilities. We the IT service provider are tracking the company network with network solutions like Qualys every 3 minutes, for example, alerting the service provider in the event a high-priority Vulnerability is found. This provides high visibility for the service provider and gives us an edge against bad actors.

If we employ vulnerability-managed IT services in our strategy consulting services, we create effective management for a San Diego based company to enjoy, safe working technology and safe managed IT services.

Every business needs a good support team to guide them to best-in-class solutions.

Every company in San Diego California has technology. Every company in San Diego California has a level of need for managed IT services. Crown Computers is an excellent choice for any southern California business as we create custom solutions for every company we serve. Every Company has a security footprint that we curate with strategy consulting. Each company feels like we deal with only that customer based on our response time.

These are the white glove services we provide in San Diego ca and have been providing for over two decades. Since the early 90’s we have been providing services to clients. We provide IT managed services and in-depth business consulting from a technology perspective and use strong management solutions for business. Here are some more examples of technology we do it with.

SEIM and SOC 24/7 managed services

Employing an IT service provider like us to protect against foreign countries and other dark web crawling bad actors for a San Diego based company is a wise decision. SEIMs are extremely powerful if setup by a proper managed IT services firm like Crown Computers. When looking for third party companies to lead Small businesses our IT managed services lead the charge because having our SEIM is like having a black box inside each piece of hardware a company owns and then centralizing all that data so we are observing and tracking data waiting for an alert to take us to action. We track all that we can with complete history with live data tracking all moves that are made such as Logins, all event logs, and logging of security data. Centralizing all log files so we the IT services provider can have extremely responsive solutions when providing managed IT services. A Seim is something a company in San Diego CA needs to receive the best computer support from a security solutions perspective. There are many security tools out there, but a SEIM provides one of the best solutions for a managed service provider to offer. Any managed service provider can deploy a SEIM but making it useful and creating alerts based on the support services relevant to that San Diego California is our secret sauce. We have business experts in Compliance like CMMC, NERC, FERC and PCI, and HIPPA. MSP services for security delivered by Crown Computers are also enforced by certifying our network security engineers. We pay for all our employees to support San Diego business by getting trained and certified in many security modalities to ensure that our managed IT services are San Diego’s leader.

Compliance Managed IT services

We have trained and certified Compliance experts ready to provide managed services San Diego business entities need. We go extremely deep with Compliance like CMMC, Nerc and Ferc, Hippa, and other compliance types. We have many clients subject to these compliance’s. We deliver managed services a San Diego California small business or medium sized business would need to have a complete compliance solution. Our services around this compliance are extremely valuable because there’s no need to reinvent the wheel after having us take care of all your compliance services. Our business of delivering managed IT services by creating centralized documentation and perfection of security business practices. Our business has always maintained high visibility of best-in-class security services by keeping our managed services offering on the cutting edge of what each industry has to offer. Our managed services in San Diego is based on our best practice of working closely with our vendors to achieve expertise in compliance. We have all the processes and tools ready to fit your network.

Consulting compliance managed services for San Diego businesses

Hire our services for a holistic approach to getting within compliance. When your business network is in the process of being audited, you need a strong team of managed service engineers to ensure your business passes with flying colors all compliance audits. It all starts with a Managed services compliance plan. Our managed services team will carry your company’s team to a safer support model. We have clients in various industries. We deliver industry-specific services to businesses in San Diego CA based on IT managed services we have delivered to other companies within that same industry. We curate the best services San Diego has to offer when it comes to delivering Compliance services.

Crown Computers services San Diego and its surrounding counties as an IT service provider that advocates for companies that need compliance services.