Security and Compliance Management


Increased pressures from hackers and requirements to maintain records, present organizations with the task of managing and analyzing volumes of data. Time and resources means most businesses are reluctant to invest in the often complex and expensive licensing and hardware used by most enterprises. Crown Computers simplifies security and compliance management offering a Unified Security Management solution for small businesses.

Unified Security Management, managed by Crown Computers, leverages powerful analytics to streamline the processes of securing your valuable intellectual property and customer data. Helping businesses first gain insight into current assets and vulnerabilities, then aiding IT in remediation and further compliance with HIPPA, PCI, and other federal compliance regulations. Minimizing exposure and maximizing existing infrastructure with a comprehensive security management solution gives small businesses an immediate return on investment.

Crown Computers provides consulting, deployment, and support for the following:

  • Cloud Security Management
  • Asset Discovery and Vulnerability Assessment
  • Intrusion Detection and Behavioral Monitoring
  • SEIM and Log Management
  • Compliance Management