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We always answer the phone

It’s a simple concept, yet when you need support for your small business, then you want to talk to a live person…

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Virus and Spyware Protection

We have been protecting small business networks for three decades. We know how to support IT networks…

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Backup and Data Management Plan

We take our client’s data very seriously. The small businesses we support get the best backup option in today’s…

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Network Design

We are passionate about technology and are skilled in the latest technologies and trends. We employ them in our network…

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Cloud Services

Our network engineers have supported business clients with cloud services for the past two decades.

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Cyber Security

At Crown Computers, we have served San Diego companies as remote and local security providers for over two decades…


Technology Peace of Mind Plan

What is a Peace of Mind Plan you may ask? It is one of the contracts we offer (as well as the most popular and more bang for your buck). Our IT culture is not a suit and tie corporation, so we have a lot of flexibility to offer our clients and their needs.

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We Create Fully Connected Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

At Crown Computers, we drink our own Kool-Aid and use the same products to run our business that we recommend our clients use a lot of the time. We personally use a lot of Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, and online cloud file storage technology to help computer networks. We can, in addition, set up powerful web-based applications using Microsoft Power apps as well.
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With the Ultimate Peace of Mind plan I do not have to worry about budget. I know how much I am going to spend for the year. It is incredibly convenient not dealing with the paper work or payment. It is like an insurance policy against computer disasters. Crown protects me in the event anything goes wrong at no extra cost. I feel safe, I do not worry about anything in the news, like viruses or worms. I know it is not going to shut us down because Crown is behind us. I know you are always here for me. You guys are the best!

Susan Brandt

President, Dr. Seuss Enterprises

The pandemic occurred, and we were all ordered to stay home, and I panicked because I had no idea how it would affect my business. I didn’t have any capabilities of operating remotely, so I called Crown, and Crown helped relieve all of the stress that I had about it and got us all up and running remotely, put us up in the cloud, and we smoothly operated our business from home and our office.

Lisa Damiani

Principal Attorney , Damiani Law Group APC

My favorite thing about working with Crown is; I don’t know if we actually are on a priority list, but I feel like we are, and that is a great experience because I have no technical skills in that department. So we depend on them for everything that we need.

Mary Case

Executive Director, Crisis House

The server permissions were a big project that they made so much easier. We were struggling. They came in, figured out a better plan, and executed it flawlessly.
We had another project that we had for equipment monitoring, and our previous IT company started with them, and then we brought Crown in it, and so you had to work with that company earlier also with the equipment monitoring company, and it just went so smoothly, and everything was up and running in no time, and it was just it was perfect.

Susan Hand

Director of Quality and Facilities, Gallant

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