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Est. in 1996 but built for the future.

Our mission is to deliver the best quality and value of Computers solutions. We are committed to making sure that our service is a rewarding experience for our clients.

Crown Computers has been providing Information Technology solutions to the San Diego area since 1996. Our relationships with partners such as Microsoft, ubuquiti, sophos, HP, Dell, Acronis and Sentinal One have allowed us the ability to design, scale and implement effective infrastructure solutions for our diverse client base. Our solution options include Application and Web Development; and Wireless, Local, and Wide-Area Networking; as well as Managed Services. As a Certified Microsoft Partner, our Core Competencies include Information Worker Solutions, Networking Infrastructure Solutions, Advanced Infrastructure Solutions, Microsoft Business Solutions, and we are a Microsoft Small Business Specialist.

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Bulletproof security keeping your data safe when employees work from home.

Microsoft Partner

We are a certified Microsoft partner. From servers to systems engineering, we’ve got you covered.

Advanced Antivirus

Keeping you safe from those who want to do harm. The best strategy is to simply keep them out.

Support Guarantee

We will use every available resource and the very best of our expertise.

Sean Goss

Owner & Founder

“Our mission is to deliver our customers the best practice in technology and their computer networks. Making sure that our computer networking service is giving great value to our customers. “

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Customer Testimonials

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Crown Computers

Nancy Holmes - Office Manager

“I know that you guys are going to be there when the work needs to get done. You have always responded very quickly to our issues. The Ultimate Peace of Mind plan gives me just that. I know that the computer issues will take care of themselves. Our whole business runs smoother. We have less down time because we are able to stay on top of maintenance, virus checks, so we have less problems. I would recommend this program for easy budgeting, proactive fixes to issues before they become a problem, and if I do have a problem someone will fix it right away and there will not be a surprise bill when all is done.”

Crown Computers

Susan Brandt - President, Dr. Seuss Enterprises

“With the Ultimate Peace of Mind plan I do not have to worry about budget. I know how much I am going to spend for the year. It is incredibly convenient not dealing with the paper work or payment. It is like an insurance policy against computer disasters. Crown protects me in the event anything goes wrong at no extra cost. I feel safe, I do not worry about anything in the news, like viruses or worms. I know it is not going to shut us down because Crown is behind us. I know you are always here for me. You guys are the best! “

Our Support Guarantee

We start with always answering the phone with a live person. We are proactive. We will give the expertise to diagnose any technology business network problem. Always be educating ourselves and growing to be able to support our clients using best practices.

We protect the network from going down from, Malware, Virus, or hackers by building best in class security solutions. By assessing your business network, we can prepare your network to be secure. You are only as strong as your weakest link, and one person’s small mistake can end up costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Our “Ultimate Peace of Mind” Plan is an insurance policy against major network disasters and chaos that could be created by hackers or other threats.

We understand there are plenty of IT firms out there offering network support. We at Crown crown feel that we are  offering a robust service.

We have been San Diego’s Computer Consultants for 20 years+. ALL of our engineers are full-time employees with niche/extensive computer backgrounds. It is tough to get hired into Crown Computers. Background checks, written tests, physical, technical tests, and personality tests are all accomplished before final decisions are made on hiring. We are all local and live in different parts of this beautiful city. With these winning combinations, we feel we have the edge for your San Diego computer consultant needs.