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2022 is here, and with the new year, it may be time for new or improved technology solutions for your organization. If your organization has plans for new projects this year, or if it’s been a while since your last Technology Business Review (TBR), right now is the perfect time to book a TBR to get the most value from your technology. In today’s blog post, we’ll take a look at the top three benefits of TBRs.

Increase Productivity Organization-wide

Making sure that your company has the right hardware and software for your workflows can dramatically increase the productivity of your organization. Part of a TBR is having your Managed Service Provider (MSP) analyze how data is used in your organization and use their expertise to suggest the easiest and most productive workflow for that data. Creating time-saving workflows directly impacts your company’s bottom-line by using your employees’ time in the most efficient way possible.

For instance, if your company is still using traditional file servers to store your data, it may be time to switch to the cloud. Once your cloud solution is implemented, your employees will no longer need to manually save and copy their files, plus, important files will be available (securely) on any device. Storing documents in the cloud also allows for instant collaboration, so you’ll be able to have your whole team work on the same files without waiting for each other to email or copy them.

Enhance Security and Compliance

A major part of the TBR is understanding your company’s current network security and compliance needs. If your company made a previous investment in infrastructure and security, it can be easy to think that the investment will continue to provide the same level of security. As the nature of attacks change, however, new security solutions have to evolve to meet them. If you are not already fully utilizing the most up-to-date security tools, you may be at risk of a data breach or not meeting compliance standards.

The TBR will pinpoint exactly what types of infrastructure or software implementations are right for your company while maximizing the value you get from your security and compliance regimes. The analysis isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution or a way to upsell, but an analysis of your actual network and practices that addresses your actual needs.

Implement Technologies to Fit your Organization’s Needs

One of the most important aspects of the TBR is being able to “know what you don’t know” about current technologies. There are always new technologies becoming available or entering maturity—technologies that can increase efficiency and value for your organization.

For example, Microsoft’s Office 365 is a great way to organize your company’s files but did you know that it is also becoming the standard for inter-office communications? It can enable your company to collaborate on documents and store everything seamlessly in the cloud, but it also includes Teams, which is quickly replacing other forms of office communication. With Teams, your company could possibly ditch antiquated phone systems, and that’s only one benefit of using Office 365. With a TBR, you can find out exactly which new products will make your day-to-day operations simpler and get the most out of you and your team’s time.

As your MSP, Crown has a finger on the pulse of the technologies you need to become more efficient and to meet the demands of expanding your business. If you’re ready to optimize your organization’s productivity and cost-effectiveness, reach out to us today to schedule a TBR in 2022!

-Written by Derek Jeppsen on Behalf of Sean Goss and Crown Computers Team