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Last week, we gave a brief overview of VPN services and what they’re used for. There, we noted some of the basics and checked out two providers. There’s a mention of Todyl there, but what Todyl offers is much more than a VPN. Today we will show you 12 solutions from their platforms that can keep your remote access secure and help you stay one step ahead of the latest attacks.

  1. Cloud Firewall is part of Todyl’s Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) platform and it’s designed to be fast and secure, but also scalable. The cloud firewall is where traffic controls and policies for access are managed, making sure that data is only accessible by the right devices.
  2. Todyl’s SASE uses Zero Trust Network Access to manage how your devices connect to the Secure Global Network (SGN) Cloud Platform. It integrates with AzureAd, Google Workspace, and Duo to help make sure that only authorized users are on your network, and that they only have access to the things they need access to. It also implements network segmentation, meaning that only devices that need to connect with one another can do so.
  3. A Secure Web Gateway manages what kinds of things can be accessed online with your network, and provides a way to connect to your cloud services without exposing devices—a major problem when switching on and off a VPN. This includes content filtering, to help keep your staff on task and maintain a healthy work environment.
  4. Todyl’s SASE solution also implements Secure DNS, which can help stop your team from accessing malicious websites. When a workstation asks for a webpage, Todyl’s secure DNS checks it against a list of known bad-actors, helping to stop unwanted traffic to risky sites. This is a major advance in stopping phishing attacks that mimic a trusted site.
  5. To see how secure your devices are in real-time and stop threats as they happen, you need Endpoint Detection and Response. Todyl’s EDR module uses machine learning and behavior analytics to understand what your devices should be doing and detect if something is going wrong. Their EDR can detect ransomware and malware by noticing deviations from a workstation or server’s typical behavior, and can begin a response before the threat spreads
  6. Similarly, Todyl’s Next-Gen Anti-Virus uses machine learning to accurately identify malware, even if it has never been seen before. NGAV also uses canaries to see if there are unexplained changes happening to your workstations and servers.
  7. Taken together, EDR, NGAV and Zero Trust Network Access offer great Ransomware Protection that can prevent ransomware from infecting your systems, and even stop it in real-time if someone does get through to your network. When NGAV or EDR are triggered, a device can be immediately quarantined before it can cause greater damage to your network and data.
  8. Secure Remote Access is the part of Todyl’s SASE module that most resembles a VPN. It uses encrypted, device-to-device connections to keep your network secure and connected. Using Todyl’s network backend—the Secure Global Network (SGN) Cloud Platform—they make it easy to connect your company’s devices with private IPs instead of having a public-facing VPN that makes your attack surface larger. By using the SGN as a VPN Alternative, all of your company’s devices can reach your network securely, from anywhere in the world. And since it’s always on, it is easier to configure than some other VPN solutions. This makes it possible for your company to enjoy all of the benefits of Todyl Secure Global Network even when using public WiFi and other untrusted networks, resulting in greater Wifi Security.
  9. While the Zero Trust Network Access above refers to an implementation of zero trust principles on your logical network (all devices with access), LAN ZeroTrust is Todyl’s interface for segmenting your physical network (devices that are on-premises). The idea behind zero trust networking is to make sure that devices can only communicate with one another if they need to share resources. This minimizes the amount of damage that an attack or accident can do within your network, since only one segment of the network is breached.
  10. With Todyl’s Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR), you get a dedicated Detection and Response Account Manager assigned to your account. This helps build up your security operations team with an expert who understands your company, your network, and what you need to prevent and limit the impact of attacks.
  11. Managed Threat Hunting is provided as part of the MXDR platform. Todyl’s threat hunting experts test the strength of your network by actively looking for vulnerabilities. This technique, combined with the automated scanning of EDR and NGAV, helps you know that your network is as secure as possible and continuously resistant to new threats and exploits.
  12. A very important feature of the MXDR platform is Co-Managed SOC/SIEM, which combines Todyl’s security expertise with the personal touch of your Managed Services Provider. With this feature, you get the best-in-class Security Operations Center and Security Information and Event Management. Crown Computers creates the rules and customization that best fit your company, and works with Todyl to manage and analyze any suspicious or malicious activity. What you get is an accelerated response to threats and custom detections and reporting, all perfectly crafted to fit your company’s needs.

-Written by Derek Jeppsen on Behalf of Sean Goss and Crown Computers Team