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Cyber threats are putting businesses in more and more danger. Small Business entities must protect their customer, financial, and CUI or PHI data from hackers and cybercriminals. IT security specialists are responsible for conducting these tasks. But what does an IT security specialist do?

Computer security experts use their skills and knowledge to keep information systems safe from hackers. Criminals can not access financial data, military secrets, and other private information when these experts are at the top of their tasks!

In this article, we will give a complete breakdown of the tasks a security expert does. We will also discuss the skills required to become such experts. Keep reading to get the full idea.

What Is an IT Security Specialist?

An IT security specialist remains in charge of keeping an organization’s computer systems and networks safe and secure. Such specialists are knowledgeable about information security and the problems that come with network security.

Their knowledge includes different kinds of cyber threats and any system flaws that could cause damage to the business. A business can use technology at full speed when there is a security specialist protecting it from attacks.

IT security specialist

What Does an IT Security Specialist Do?

Generally, employers ask information security specialists to set up, install, and keep up with security software. Such software keeps outsiders from getting into the company’s network. They should also monitor the company’s network for issues and devise solutions.

These security professionals work with analysts and other IT experts to protect computers from hackers. The goal is to shield the company’s most important and private data by using effective defenses.

Security experts may need to teach employees how to follow the rules for company safety. They should also help employees set up their computers, email, firewalls, and other company tech according to policies.

It is very important to keep up with changes in the industry and learn about new threats. The job description might also include the following:

  • Making sure that all systems have the latest security updates.
  • Checking the network and firewalls, making patches, or adding new protocols as needed
  • Ensuring security departments follow best practices.
  • Talking with departments that work together to make sure certain security rules are obeyed.
  • Examining network structures and systems to guarantee the use of the safest method.
  • Creating systems for specific security needs based on what the company wants.
  • Making changes to systems to make the network work better and faster.
  • Reporting findings, issues, and solutions to higher management.
  • Checking out devices like cell phones, tablets, and laptops to arrange the best security measures for each one.

Required Skills for an IT Security Specialist

Your job as an information technology security expert will never leave you bored, that is for sure! On the other hand, being an important part of a system that needs IT will be a positive and responsible security duty.

However, a certain set of soft and hard skills is necessary to become a successful security expert. Let’s look at them.

  • Key Soft Skills for IT Security Specialists

Soft skills are personality traits and social skills that show how well a person can get along with others. An IT security specialist must have the following soft skills:

  • Communication: Security experts need to let everyone know about any threats. Professionals can take the right steps to stop security breaches when they can communicate clearly. When specialists talk to administrators, they might also need to make issues and solutions easier to understand.
  • Collaboration: An entire organization’s information security needs to be coordinated. People who work in security must be able to get along with others who work in the same field.
  • Attention to Detail: Stopping security threats requires complex technological solutions. Besides, experts need to constantly check and improve these solutions. Hence, they must look at computer systems in great detail and look for ways to make them better.
  • Problem Solving: Managing new and evolving dangers calls for a full strategy. Security specialists must be able to think critically and solve unique problems to make such plans.

soft skills for it security specialists

  • Key Hard Skills for IT Security Specialists

Hard skills are the technical skills that a job needs. You can learn and get better at these skills through schooling and work experience. The following are some good hard skills that an IT security expert must have:

  • Programming Languages: Security experts need to stay ahead of cybercriminals. Thus, they need to know the basics of programming languages like Python, Golang, and JavaScript. Learning a lot about the architecture of a system also makes it easier to defend.
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM): To look into security threats, cybersecurity experts need to know how to use SIEM tools and services. The use of SIEM products allows them to automate tasks and do real-time analysis. Such analyses help them set up response plans and send alerts.
  • Malware Prevention: Security specialists need to look for, stop, and identify security threats. Using advanced threat protection software is a must for this. Malware protection software helps experts guess threats that might be able to get past current security measures.
  • Computer Forensics: IT experts are bound to find strange or harmful activities on a network. The best way to do this is to know a lot about forensic tools and investigation techniques. Computer forensics software helps experts find hidden, encrypted, or even deleted information.

How to Become an IT Security Specialist

If you want to work in computer security, you usually need a bachelor’s degree. The degree will have to be in computer science, computer information systems, or a related field.

One such degree program is a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems. It can help students learn the basics of programming, systems analysis, and network theory. This program also teaches students IT skills.

Employers may also give more weight to applicants who have experience, industry certifications, or both. However, you may need to take more computer security classes to develop your risk management and system security skills.


An IT security specialist works as a guardian for a company’s computer networks and systems. They need to observe every nook and cranny of network security. They need to work with updates, report any issues, and also teach their coworkers about the security basics. At times of cyberattack, their collaborative efforts prove to be substantial.

At Crown Computers, we take IT security very seriously. We provide many services, such as managed IT services, tech support, and systems that are fully collaborative. If you want to keep your business’s network secured, contact us today. With our support, you will thrive without worrying about any cyber threat.