Here at Crown Computers, San Diego’s best IT consulting firm, we focus on taking care of your entire technology needs so you can focus on your business and what you do best.

We understand that it’s hard for a small business to hire a full or even part time IT person so we are a perfect fit for businesses with 10-80 work-stations. We are confident that we can handle your company’s whole business because do it for over 70 companies in San Diego that are probably just like you.

Here are some reasons why we will help your business be more productive and give your employees more time to focus and to increase your bottom line.

1.) 24/7 Support

Have confidence in knowing you can reach a technician any time of day. During our non-business hours we provide an “emergency line” that rings directly to our technicians’ cell phones. You get to speak to someone directly and promptly.

2.) Monitoring System

By placing a monitoring system on your network we can watch events such as Microsoft patches, Backup alerts, Antivirus alerts, Disk space, and event log issues. We follow a proactive philosophy about fixing computers before they break. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

3.) Ticketing system

We use an easy ticketing system to keep track of your computer issues. This occurs when you call in or email regarding your technical issue. We take down your information and the issues at hand, create a ticket, then assign to the next available technician. The ticketing system also allows for you, the client, to keep track of the progress, who the ticket is assigned to, and how long we have worked on it for.

4.) Make sure your data is always safe with Offsite Back-ups

With offsite back-ups in place we can look at your back-ups everyday via remote. Most businesses are so busy they do not have time to watch the Backup Status and Offsite Backup Status or to verify all data makes it offsite. Bottom line; leave this to us to worry about. Here at Crown, you don’t ever have to worry about your data being lost. We recommend you have an onsite and offsite backup plan in place.

5.) Disaster recovery

Should your network go down first thing in the morning, rest assured our computer consultants can help you recover. We find a way to get you up and running the quickest and easiest. We offer many options for Back-ups that we use in case of a disaster. Check out all our computer backup solutions.

6.) No obligations and don’t get stuck in a contract

Crown Computer Consultants offers fair plans for a monthly basis. After signing up for our service plan you are never obligated. We want to make sure that every client is totally satisfied with our service!

7.) Remote assistance

It much more cost effective to fix remotely then it is to fix onsite. When our clients submit a “ticket” we work on the issue remotely most of the time. Unless it requires hand on technical support we diligently try to fix at our offices. This saves you time and money.

8.) References

We are so confident with our services offered we can provide references. Don’t hesitate to ask during your consultation. Also, check out our testimonials to hear from some of our client's themselves.

9.) Business reviews

Once a quarter our owner, Sean, comes out to your business and speaks to whoever is in charge to ensure we are doing our job to make you happy. While this is not a technical meeting, any issues you should have we can review. This is more of how we can better our services for your business needs and talk about any future projects in the works.

10.) Experience and Years in Business!

Plain and simple, your local computer consultants have been in the business for 16 years and know what they are doing. We are open and discuss why we choose methods and how they help your business because that is why we are here. To help San Diego companies with their computer needs.


Our Support Guarantee

We guarantee that we will use every available resource...

We guarantee that we will use every available resource and the very best of our expertise to diagnose any type of network problem and then act accordingly so that it does not escalate into down-time for your business. We are so confident in our Small Business Ultimate Peace of Mind Plan that we know you won't need to look anywhere else.