Small Business Email Solutions

How much more productive would you be with a bullet-proof, secure, and easy-touse email? Is your email account on an email hosting service that has you receiving more spam and phishing emails than you would like?

Crown Computers can offer an email hosted service using Exchange in the cloud for business email needs. Our email hosting service provides high uptime for our client’s business email. We choose only the best email servers for our business email to host their email account. The email hosting provider we choose for business email is the top email host in the world. We protect email solutions for small business with our vendors and protection from Phishing viruses, spam, and malware attacks. Our business email hosting is in the office 365 cloud. We can even accommodate email accounts with hybrid environments for business email. We can have more than one email provider if you want redundancy with your business email. If one business email provider goes down, the other email hosting solution will kick in and be ready to provide an email hosting service for your business email needs—all versions of Microsoft Exchange server and Office 365. The search for your experts in business email ends here with our highly skilled engineers that will create the best business email your company will find.

Your email hosting includes a second and third method of connecting, ensuring your business will be able to process email.

With a Crown Computers email hosting solution, you can

Web access

Access your business email via the web or mobile device.

Bigger Inboxes

Businesses enjoy email service that provides bigger and more reliable mailboxes from larger email servers.


Secure email servers

secure email server

A secure email host that protects sensitive data and sends an encrypted email with ease.

Complete Office mailbox solutions

In addition to business email, Integrate your email service with a calendar and contacts to keep you organized. Our email solutions give you easy access to your contact information, allowing you to schedule and email appointments right from your mailbox.


Mobile apps

Use your smartphone outlook email app to create meetings, New events, Book a workspace, and create new messages.

mobile apps

Spam business email

junk email

One of our favorite things to do with Office 365 email and a smartphone is the ability to tag something as junk email. Expect a drop in spam with email service and our fine-tuned email hosting.

Focused mail solutions for small business

The same email servers can also prioritize what is important (Focused) or is other so that you can be more productive. Look only at emails that matter to you, giving you back your valuable time. The owner of Crown uses this function and relies upon Microsoft’s great algorithm for focused emails. This makes business email create value you can account for down to the profit and loss statement.

Always updated with new software

Also, with Office 365, you always get the latest and greatest business email client software with your subscription. So as updates from Microsoft come along, you benefit from those as well. An email account hosted in office 365 is the best solution for any business.

Share email or monitor them

With Office 365 email service, you can, from a WebView, easily see into other email accounts that you have permission to access.

Custom domain emails with Groups: (

Office 365 business email allows creating group emails with other co-workers’ email boxes. This way, you can have an email host that can create departmental email groups

Custom domain Plug-ins

Plugs in another great aspect of how the office 365 email platform has evolved. For examples of this, check out this website for all the office 365 email plug-ins.


Backup you can trust

Also, do not forget that when used with our backup, you never have to worry about accidentally deleting an email. Also, we offer Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus protection that blocks unwanted spam and viruses from cluttering your inbox.


Data retention you can count on:

data retention

Having email in office 365 also enables the features of being able to keep forever, each email that comes in and out, even if someone decides to delete an email. It is never truly deleted and can always be recovered if office 365 is set up properly. Setting up retention periods is another wonderful way of ensuring data is kept for ten years, for example. Very easily implemented and done using the cloud tools of office 365.

Distribution lists:

Custom domain set up distribution lists, Aliases for people, and read-write permission on other people’s mailboxes. These are some of the fun functions that email in the cloud can give by being flexible. Forwarding emails to different people even based on certain criteria. Different Departments can create custom domain email groups, even with people outside of their organization.

Cloud storage security:

Another one of our favorite ways to access data across many mailboxes. Let’s say you want to search for a term across many inboxes for any purpose. Office 365 allows you to do deep eDiscovery and Compliance across many mailboxes and places such as Teams chats and SharePoint. Powerful search features allow businesses to find all data linked with keywords if needed. Generate reports that will hold up in a court of law if needed.

Cloud Storage:

With Office 365, we also can use One drive and SharePoint to store your files in the cloud. Mobile apps also allow you to access these files on all your smart devices. You can synchronize your desktop, pictures, and other folders on your computer. This also allows you to have all your devices look similar when you have the same files and folders on all your desktop and my documents, it makes working that much easier.

Sharing files and Folders:

The ability to have a common folder with businesses outside of your organization is very valuable. Share Excel, Word, pictures, PDF files, and more. Try this for free if you like. Microsoft offers a free email service, and we use their free email service sometimes in our testing when we want to sandbox a solution. They are very flexible with giving our free accounts to try.