E-mail Solutions

How much more productive would you be with a bullet-proof email that is secure and easy to use? Crown can offer an ideal hosted exchange solution for your email needs. We guarantee the uptime of your email services and protection from viruses, spam, and malware. We consult and help network with office 365 and Exchange. We can even accommodate hybrid environments as well. All versions of Microsoft Exchange server and Office 365. The search for your network experts ends here with our engineers. We also think about alternatives ways your office can still get email if the primary internet goes down. We can add a second or third method of connecting, ensuring your business will be able to process email.

With a Crown Computers email solution, you can

  • Access your emails via the web or mobile device.
  • Businesses Enjoy bigger and more reliable mailboxes.
  • Protect sensitive data and send encrypted email with ease.
  • Integrate calendar and contacts to keep you organized. Our email solutions give you easy access to your contact information, and this lets you schedule and email appointments right from your mailbox.

Also, don’t forget that when used with our back-up, you never have to worry about accidentally deleting an email.

Also, we offer Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus protection that blocks unwanted spam and viruses from cluttering up your inbox.