Network Design Services

Documentation for the network comes first

Our business creates solutions for standard network design processes using Third-party tools such as Connectwise, ITGlue, HUDU, and other Industry tools. Visio is included in our network design service.

We love extensive Visio drawings that are meaning full when you look at them. Our Visio diagrams are business exec-friendly, complete with legends and explanations of all aspects of the drawing.

We enjoy using Gantt charts for business clients. Business clients can measure project progress to ensure we can give the client phases of each network design plan. We give access to our business clients via the web so they can see the project progress and observe the Gnatt chart from their computer or smart device.

Our expertise in network design creates professional designs that we can explain to the average person. We do not overwhelm our clients with complicated technology Geek speak. We explain our network design and solutions in a way that the businesses we support can understand.


What is our secret to network design? Answer: We hire only Passionist and happy Network Engineers

Passion is our secret. All our customer’s networks are served by kind engineers happy to be employed in their industry. We have fun at work by only hiring people who enjoy messing with routers and other computer hardware.

Our engineers enjoy tinkering with data permission. Most of our network engineers have extensive experience at their homes because their own houses have networks the size of many of our client’s networks.

The owner of Crown Computers ensures that all network engineers we hire to deliver network design services are background checked. We also have an extensive written network engineers test that most network engineers will not pass.

We also do a hands-on test for our network engineers’ project skills before getting hired. Before a network engineer does any projects for our business customers, we must ensure they can take care of that business from a project perspective.

We hire and are people who care about our client’s network

We do personality tests for all our network engineers before we bring them on to perform in our network design services team. Our network engineers genuinely care about the end product as if we are working on their home network.

We love our Tools that help get projects done

Our network design service plays with a litany of software-based tools to ensure that all levels of the network will have the highest level of professional integrity.

Network Security Protection tools and services we offer

We dedicate our network design services team to observe the entire business infrastructure to build a professional solution. We look at software security solutions, routers, firewalls, and switches.

We secure the company’s networks by doing security audits of the software and hardware using our technology services to identify the IT environment. We secure the business by offering our expertise and industry technology support.

Our Security business services range from

  • Network security design services

  • MFA services

  • Network vulnerability assessment services

  • Dark web services

  • Password management services

  • Endpoint protection services.

  • Zero trust service

  • DNS security service.

We also provide our business clients with dedicated SOC (security operation center) services. Our NOC services team watches our client’s company networks and data infrastructure so the business can run smoothly within all the networks we protect.

We enjoy and promote Encryption

Because it protects our business clients. We provide the following Encryption services;

BitLocker encryption services if your laptop gets stolen and the hardware gets taken apart. Nowadays, thefts have technology that will extract data from our hardware to get company data.

If your laptop is under our umbrella of protection, all the laptops in your networks will be safe with our security service.

Email Encryption services for Hipppa, Nist, and other regulatory compliance needs.

File encryption on networks so if an employee decides to try to steal data from the company, for example, before it passes through the router to the dropbox account. The business will get an alert saying what is happening the sensitive data will not transfer past the business’s routers.

We design and use Best in class methods

Our organization has team meetings on our client’s network infrastructure as a service.

We have dedicated service engineers that regularly meet about our customer’s networks.

We have software agents on all our client’s networks. Suppose a router goes down or the business internet service provider loses connectivity. In that case, we will call the business and try to get connectivity backup so the client’s networks return to normal.




What do we mean by “Sandboxing” concerning Network design?

We ensure your investment in technology and related services is always at the highest efficiency level. We do this by having a plan a and a plan b. We test out the plan with minimal investment, if any. We do this by creating a Sandbox to try out our idea.

Our expertise tells us the best time to fire a lousy solution is before you implement it.We love to test solutions in a sandbox before our customer’s company decides to invest. 

We like to ensure this network design will fit the environment of the company we service. Our extensive experience tells us that sometimes a network design works, and sometimes does not. We like to test out our network design if there is a slim possibility that it will fail.

Here’s a good example;

You have a server that’s slow on the network when a particular department or team accesses this server.

They need the network and server to be faster for better business productivity. After some business consulting and reviewing solutions with them, our network design team suspects the 1000 GB Network card in the server is the bottleneck.

The solution is to add a 10k Network card to all the workstations and 10k switches to the network. The company now has to invest 10’s of thousands of dollars. However, After meeting with our internal team, we create a solution and an idea to sandbox it first.

This solution also includes a network design using a Visio diagram, a hardware and service hours budget, and a Gnatt to give the business timelines and expectations.

Then during this consulting phase, we present the solution to the business. The plan includes adding 10GB switches and cards to the entire network.

Before making a considerable investment, we can test this on one server and one workstation to ensure connectivity will be at the speeds we need. We protect the organization from going over any technology budget.

We test the technology solutions on the network over a weekend to ensure it will be a good investment. If connectivity at a higher speed is achieved and we succeed, we recommend the business move forward with the solutions we provided. 

We roll this out to the entire environment. We have extensive experience with network design, and one thing we understand is to make sure we make reversible moves.

So if we try something, we can go back to how it was in the event we did not like the solutions’ efficiency; we always win.

Tossing in a 10GB network card to a slower server might make a difference to the infrastructure. But doing it over a weekend and piloting it out, and Having a Plan A and a Plan B makes all the difference in the world when we network design.