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Cybersecurity Services

At Crown Computers, we have served San Diego companies as a security providers for over two decades. We are one of San Diego’s top cybersecurity companies because we are passionate about our multilayered, customizable approach to security, and we understand that your business is unique. We offer a wide range of tools, but here is a short list of some of our top services.



Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) and Next-generation Anti-Virus (NGAV) protect devices and servers from intrusion, hijacking, and data breaches. We offer robust and intelligent solutions that protect you from the latest attacks. We provide security on demand in San Diego. Using all commercial level protection ; we take it a step beyond high-quality engineering services that run 24/7. We have security engineering teams that watch around the clock making sure San Diego-based clients are safe. Our consulting services offer companies support 24/7. Call us anytime in the middle of the night as our security engineers are waiting.

Ransomware Security Solutions

As a ransomware solutions provider, we have protected San Diego businesses from over 100 ransomware attacks and built over 17 years of experience. Our security tools defend your systems from ransomware and trace attacks back to their origins. We also prefer to set up a protective disaster recovery plan to ensure the small business owners we service can rest easy knowing they are being protected by one of the best cybersecurity consulting companies in San Diego, CA.


Email Protection

Next-Gen Spam Filtering

Other managed services providers may filter suspicious emails, but we go beyond to deliver the best solution to one of the most critical problems in cybersecurity. We start with more powerful content filtering to defend against phishing attacks.

Phishing Defense, Email Encryption

We train your employees to spot harmful emails, helping them become agents in the fight for data security. If you need to send sensitive information in emails, we provide an easy-to-use email encryption product that doesn’t force you to learn a new app. Top cybersecurity consulting companies and industry leaders like us ensure their company is protected by the best spam and Phishing defense systems. We changed the rules about a year ago when phishing became very prevalent and dangerous. Let us show you what best in class anti Phishing for your company looks like.


Password Management, MFA

We implement multi-factor authentication (MFA) and manage your company’s passwords, making sure that your users are your users—not an attacker. Our password managers can be used with any device and operating system.

Zero-Trust Networking

Zero-Trust Networking limits the damage that an attack can cause. When implemented, it ensures that your network is well structured, and devices can only communicate with devices they need to communicate with. This way, if a bad actor gains access to your network, they cannot reach the entire network and all your assets. Zero trust networking is high-quality engineering services that few services provider in San Diego ca execute successfully.

Zero Trust

Security Operation Center (SOC)

We customize security operations and support services for every client. We start with managing and remediating 24/7 threats as they come into our EDR platform. Our most robust SOC solution includes logging all devices, searching for anomalies, creating rules to look for particular thresholds, and remediating alerts. Our SOC team gives high visibility and excellent efficiency, so every company we do business with can say they have some of the best cyber security top-tier strategy consulting around cybersecurity in the industry.

Vulnerability Management, Managed Threat Hunting

Our vulnerability management process creates reports that accurately prioritize vulnerabilities. Our service identifies, prioritizes, and remediates threats and vulnerabilities throughout your network.

Managed threat hunting combines the expertise of our Security Operations Center with threat analytics to seek out and find vulnerable systems and other risks on your network. Our security solutions identify the same targets as the bad guys, but we get to them first.

threat management

Managed Detection and Response

We pinpoint the areas where security matters most and make sure that your network security is backed by 24/7 monitoring, cutting-edge AI and ML implementations, and lightning-fast response to get you on your feet if things go wrong.


The heart of our managed services is our Security Event and Incident Management. Our incident response product uses logged events to get the complete picture of the events leading to and during a security breach.

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Secure Web Gateway

Our secure web gateway is a bundle of cyber security services that make it possible for all of your employees to use the internet safely from your office in San Diego or anywhere else in the world. Think of them as web security cloud services.

Content Filtering, Secure DNS

A content filtering solution helps prevent pornographic and hateful content from intruding into your business’ culture without falsely blocking useful websites.

A safe and trusted DNS solution is critical to online security. We offer a solution that keeps your network safe from man-in-the-middle attacks, which can capture sensitive information like logins and passwords.

Customized Remote VPN, Secure Remote Access

For over two decades, Crown Computers has provided public-facing VPNs to San Diego businesses. Utilizing cutting-edge advances in VPN technology, we can keep bad actors off your network by implementing it without a public-facing login.

With our modern Secure Remote Access solution, you no longer need to let strangers knock on the door of your network. Instead, we use an advanced solution that requires no open ports on the firewall.

Content Filtering, Secure DNS