Ransomware Protection Services

We have seen everything from the Y2K scare to the Melissa virus to Ransom attacks that made you go and buy Walgreens gif cards. Data protection is the most critical subject at crown computers because leaked sensitive data can make a company go out of business.

We have been in situations where we have been hired to take over the existing IT at a client. The old IT firm let the bad guys perform a successful ransomware attack, and the old IT firm did not implement adequate ransomware protection. We are proud to say that over two decades of service in the San Diego IT services industry; we have never had data loss from a ransomware attack.

We have recipes that protect against ransomware attacks. Businesses can rest well knowing that we are in control of potential threats. We are here to extend data protection against ransomware attackers for our San Diego clients. On so many levels, we protect against ransomware. Below are some examples that dive into how we accomplish this.

Ransomware protection services

Data Protection Security tools and how we choose them:

Ransomware Endpoint protection

Ransomware Endpoint protection

All of our clients need some ransomware endpoint protection. So many choices exist these days when it comes to protection against ransomware. These products have gotten a lot better than when they first came out.

We can help you choose from a wide range of products as opposed to the day when there are fewer choices to keep a business safe. Security of the endpoint is typically where the war starts; Someone clicks on something they should not, and in comes ransomware. Stemming from phishing attacks or social engineering, it likely comes from clicking on a malicious link. The malicious program takes control of the computer and delivers the ransomware payload. The goal, of course, is to get you to pay in order to decrypt files encrypted.

It’s safe to say that most ransomware attacks are from human error. Anti ransomware tools have to be deployed to protect endpoints against ransomware infection. Human mistakes will always be security teams’ most prominent issues, and the attack vectors are constantly changing.

The best defense is to keep up to date with the latest technology. To prevent ransomware attacks and understand ransomware behavior, you must know the current playing field, and we study this.

Data protection: What does data protection mean? Here are some focus points we consider around data protection but not limited to

Endpoint protection and Zero trust

Endpoint protection uses best-in-class software that’s proven to block threats, suspicious links, and malware. Zero Trust is a great way to stop ransomware because it blocks access from attack vectors. It acts similarly to an intelligent version of a VLAN.

Cold spares and Hot Spares

You get Immutable data storage onsite with a cold spare, preventing data loss. Ransomware cannot attack a cold spare because it’s not on the network, and it’s unreachable or immutable at the moment its cold. With hot spares, we use RAID and make enough room to protect the raid array with drives that automatically take a degraded raid array, returning it to homeostasis or normal operation. Although ransomware does not affect raid systems because it typically cannot reach the hardware level, we can ensure that data protection is in effect with hot spares. When planning a RAID array, we typically always choose to have one or more hot spares, and if the array goes degraded, we have better redundancy. 

Immutable data and how we use cloud storage

Immutable data is malware protection at its finest because bad actors cannot access this secure data unless they have physical access to the other data set or access to the cloud storage data. You cannot get any better than immutable data for a data loss solution.

zero trust

A multi-layered approach to where data exists ( 3-2-1 backup solution)

3-2-1 backup solution

The 123 backup is two copies onsite and one copy offsite in all different locations and technologies. This backup solution should be the barest of bare-bones solutions for any business of any kind.

Backup is the silver bullet to malware protection if the attack surface is pierced and the ransomware protection fails. You can always fall back on backup for ransomware protection.

Security Software with some level of artificial intelligence and machine learning

Ransomware protection can block new threats by adding intelligent services and systems that detect anomalies and have algorithms that will alert security teams in the event malware is detected.

Some advantages of a SIEM are that automated actions can thwart malware and ransomware attacks by tracking services and certain security conditions. You can expect a faster response to threats because computers detect threats and then act instantly. Fighting ransomware using these advanced methods to protect the business is top-shelf protection.

A good Siem protects against threats and ransomware as humans are not quick enough to alert and respond as a Siem. Once ransomware starts, it encrypts data so quickly that a computer reacting is much faster than a human could ever respond. In the event of a ransomware attack, the objective of the bad guys is to get the business to send bitcoin to them and create desperation for the business. If the business has Crown Computers at the helm of its IT, then it does not have to worry about ransomware.

security software

Human aspect

Train employees about security, Business continuity meetings, and Business meetings regarding how to manage risk. Locating sensitive information and security around the data. Physical security using webcam protection in addition and physical alerts. Granular control of permissions and control of system resources.

Another human aspect of security is to have a managed SOC team with Threat intelligence integrated with the SIEM. In addition to conducting meetings about important files and ensuring they are encrypted. MFA and Identity protection (Never relying upon passwords only.) A solid anti ransomware protection solution includes MFA every time to ensure computer services are protected so bad actors do not pierce the company’s technology veil.

Ransomware protection solutions are highly vulnerable without direct attention to how humans interact with the technology system. Ransomware protection considers technology as well as social engineering part as well.

What about working from home? If you use your computer ,its wise to cyber protect home office endpoints as well. Their are so many solutions such that cater to home office machines such as , Bitdefender anti ransomware protection, Sophos home protection, Malwarebytes premium and Windows defender even has some anti malware functionality. Please reach out to us for good advice on protecting your home system so we can give you our recommended options to minimize risk at your home office. Also remember when your at your home computer to keep encrypted files safe and to never click on malicious links.

Advanced protection using a SIEM

A Siem is an instrumental technology against ransomware. A SIEM has programmable algorithms and other types of machine learning that can help protect against ransomware.