Windows 8 there are 2 flavors

It should be known that there are 2 versions of windows 8:
Windows 8 and Windows RT

Here are the main differences:

  • Windows 8 can run all regular desktop applications.
  • Windows RT Can only run Office 2013 and things that are downloaded from the Windows app store.

Windows RT version should only be found on tablet-like devices, similar to the Ipad.

(It should be noted that Windows 8 does not have a start button on either version.)

The Benefits of Windows 8

Although Windows 8 has since been replaced by several more current versions of the Microsoft operating system, it was great business software at the time and deserves recognition. Many companies still use Windows 8 with great success.

  • Touchscreen: Windows 8 came with a touchscreen interface
  • Short boot time: No more long waits for Windows to load
  • No hardware upgrade was required to upgrade to Windows 8
  • Dual monitor support: Today we can’t live without two monitors, but it was new for Windows 8
  • Network and computer security: Windows 8 only allows authorized software to load during booting

Generally speaking, the biggest difference between Windows 8 and previous versions of Windows is the interface. Windows 8 simply looks different and can be operated from a touch screen. From a business perspective, this is likely to result in employee efficiency improvements and ease of use.


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