E-Waste Recycling

Crown is constantly asked what to do with old computers, printers and other electronics.

We used to have to take them to a recycling center and pay by the pound.

We now have a few free options for you.
If you have any E-Waste, or think that you may have some in the future, they will gladly pick it up for recycling. They offer a completely free pickup service.

Recycle your old electronic equipment.
Feel good knowing you are helping the environment!

Please discuss with an engineer at Crown first so we can make sure your critical data is safe before you have the retired hardware picked up.


Our Support Guarantee

We guarantee that we will use every available resource...

We guarantee that we will use every available resource and the very best of our expertise to diagnose any type of network problem and then act accordingly so that it does not escalate into down-time for your business. We are so confident in our Small Business Ultimate Peace of Mind Plan that we know you won't need to look anywhere else.