Power Automate & Power BI

Our team of developers will create powerful customized business solutions using Power automate. This saves time and organizes it so we save the most expensive resource in a small business, Employees’ time.
Let us analyze all your business processes and then think about how we can make them happen faster and more effectively using Power Automate, Power Apps and Power BI.
We have a Power automate Development team that creates wonderful flows and makes it so that businesses can enjoy the rewards. We can create powerful forms and use a backend database to keep records of forms for your business.

Examples of projects:

HR job incident tracking:

Track When someone gets injured on the job. Create a standard HR form that can accept photos of the injury and or of the area in which the injury happened. Keep track of the incident and track when the employee leaves come back as a complete incident. All this will be tracked on a database that can be accessed all in the cloud using office 365 and SharePoint websites as well. ‘

Speed up redundant tasks:

Do you have to insert certain text into a PDF file as an injection?
Do you have to update a word document many times over, so it becomes a very time-intensive project?
We can automate these things with power automate easily. Our development team saves you hours and hours of time and takes complete control of your business’s project. Let us take your redundant tasks and make them all get done 90 % quicker.

Create a workflow to enhance communication in SharePoint, Teams or Outlook:

We can set up a variety of triggers that notify your business executive staff or another dept. We can have any type of notification happen such as Microsoft Teams, Email, or SharePoint. Send emails that let people know that something has been executed or something needs attention, the opportunities are endless.

Create a workflow on your desktop :

We can set up a flow that opens your weekly calendar and creates a PDF and sends it to a given email address. We can automate opening any program or any webpage and extract any information from that and then email it or open it in word and create a document for example.

Convert files and email as a different type all in one action:

Redundant tasks will melt away by creating customized power automate flows. Combine many different business tasks and make it all into one different process. We can create many different processes and run them all at once for the best efficiency.

Get notified when a file gets created in SharePoint :

Do you want to monitor a client or specific folder for some reason?
Do you want to monitor not only when it gets created but when it gains certain content or subject matter?
Do you want it to get emailed to more than one business teammate?
Do you want to get a team’s message when certain SharePoint files have been created?
Do you want everyone to know who is doing what by creating an accountability channel in teams that tracks when new docs get placed in a folder or new content gets added to a SharePoint website?

Receive SMS messages when things happen in SharePoint and other office 365 places

Receive an SMS when a document gets signed. Receive an SMS when an entry in an Excel spreadsheet goes over or under a certain amount. Get an SMS message when a certain email comes in.

Why choose us to analyze your businesses processes and speed them up with Power automate and Power Apps?

We have been using Office 365 for almost a decade.

We understand how office 365 can help our business clients. We are experts at Power automate and all the other office 365. We change how business gets done for our small business clients. We have created countless Power Automate flows and Power BI solutions, so we can use our history of creating a customized solution for your business that will increase productivity and improve Employee morale. We will create order out of chaos if it exists within the business. We will create order and generate smooth processes into the business that is organized and thoughtful. Let us give you back some bandwidth so you can get more business accomplished.

Let’s think outside the box and get business done faster with Power automate and Power BI

We have helped many of our clients in refining their business process and adapting to the new cloud-based systems that helps business re-define their critical business processes and taking away to hassle of managing own IT infrastructure.
Your systems are always up to date with the latest updates and new tools to help you streamlining your IT process.
Give your employees the best of the tools that support them in doing their most important work.