Cordless Earbuds.. a dream come true?

..and they are cheap?! Well don't go flocking to the store just yet. Let me first tell you about how these came to be and how you truly can get your hands on some. I plan to so I can show you guys how they work.

Greenwing Audio, started the prototype called SPLIT, and plan to see it through it's final stages. Split is still in it's prototype/beta phase and not fully mastered but you can still get some to try out and even maybe offer some input as to how to make it user friendly.

Here's the gist: Earbuds that are TRULY cordless that are basically run by two individually mini circuit boards to act as though they are connected. It is so precisely synced that you cannot tell that they are running independently.They are the size of a penny, about 1 inch. Inside the circuit board is a crystal clock and accelerometer. They can be charged using a USB plug in.

As mentioned before, these are not on the market just yet but you can pledge and depending on your pledge amount score some of these buds. Your pledge will fund the overall goal of this team to make it to the big leagues and get a real prototype going to the market.


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