Valuable Inbox Practices

Think sitting down and going through your emails and deleting is the way to go? It might be the fastest, but who has time to sit down and do that?

Before cleaning up your email, be sure to speak to our representative regarding spam filtering. Our IT consultants can install spam filtering software in no time at all and get you protected from all that junk.

Here are a couple quick tips for de-cluttering your email.

Send less emails. As simple as it sounds, it is true and effective. When you send out to multiple or a group you also receive their responses that sometimes don’t even pertain to you. So send less.

Mark your most important ones as ‘mark as unread’. Having this ability enables you to quickly glance through your inbox and respond to time pressing emails. It alleviates the pressure of having to answer all your emails at the same time.

Establish a routine. Set a time during your work day or even before that is uninterrupted to read and respond and check list emails. If you stick to this schedule more or less it can make you more productive when you get into work.

Use your words precisely. Words matter so choose them carefully to avoid confusion or misinterpretation. The more precise you are upfront, the less likely you will see responses asking to clarify.

Acknowledge your recipient. This kind of counter acts what I have previously said about unwanted email, but this is just good etiquette. If the email sender has taken the time to address you in the TO: line, take the time to acknowledge you received it. It doesn't have to be a long response just a, “Thanks...Got it!” etc. If you don’t respond they’ll have no idea whether or not they've been heard.


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