Raspberry Pi, Awesome computer for many uses only 50$

Raspberry Pi is not just your favorite grandma’s dish anymore. This pi is a powerful and inexpensive mini computer with many neat features, add- on’s and customizations. This device can run your VPN, home media center, and analog/hdmi outputs.

Here are the basics of how to set up your Raspberry Pi. You can get much more in depth and detailed but we will be covering how to install Windows OS and set up and configure.

You will need:

  • Rasberry Pi device you can purchase online
  • HDMI or analog monitor with cable
  • 4gb class/ 4sd card and card reader
  • USB keyboard and mouse
  • Ethernet cable
  • Micro USB power supply (at least 700ma 5V)

You can install the popular OS’s such as Windows, OSX, and Linux. We will be using Windows for this basic tutorial.

1) On your regular computer desktop download the Raspian software via zip file

2) Download Win32Disk Imager

3) Insert SD CARD-using your card reader

4) Double click on Win32DiskImager and the SD card should automatically detect.

5) Click on the write icon and wait for it to download.

6) Insert into Raspberry Pi

To connect the Raspberry Pi it is very similar to setting up a desktop computer.
Start with the HDMI cable. Connect from the device to a tv or monitor.
You can also connect to your internet via your router or modem using the Ethernet cable.
Last you need to power this bad boy using your USB Power adapter.

Raspberry Pi

Configuring the Pi can get in depth and detailed but for basic set up you just need to expand the file system. Once the main window screens come up click on the expand_rootfs and press enter. Confirm you would like to do this and scroll to the bottom and select finish. It will ask you to reboot, go ahead and reboot and this time it will take a minute or two to come back up. It will ask you for a user name and password; username is pi and password is raspberry. VOILA! A delicious mini computer is hot and ready for your computer needs. Again: like many recipes, there are variations, and you can do so much more!

Please visit www.raspberrypi.org for more information


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