Computer Network Support

Computer networks are essential to help users on a network share resources and communicate. Some crucial benefits of an optimal network are file-sharing, hardware sharing, application sharing, and user communication. Could you imagine a world without emails, online newspapers, blogs, chats, and other services offered by the Internet? We use a lot of SharePoint and online cloud file storage technology as well to help computer networks.

Our IT staff can help maximize your resources and increase productivity if your company currently has a network. If your company is looking to expand, needs advice or guidance on how to network, we can offer that. We can discuss all your options and recommend the best plan of action for your business needs.

Our Small to medium-sized Business Network Support Program makes all of your computer problems go away without the cost of hiring a full time IT staff.

We understand business owners have enough worries and hiring a full staff of IT people can incur a high cost. We at Crown know that you can get the whole IT team at a reasonable price to keep your business running smoothly with us servicing your network needs.

That is why we started offering our “Technology Peace of Mind Plan” for our San Diego customers. It gives you the peace of mind that you are not spending a lot but still receiving care like you are. Clients who sign up for this program are businesses with 10 to 200 employees with limited technical support. Over and over again, they tell us the single most significant benefit to our support program is that they don’t have computer problems cropping up and interfering with their day to day business activities like they used to. See our Customer Reviews.

With the “Peace of Mind Plan” you don’t have to worry about essential computer tasks like software updates, security patches, virus scans, and data protection.

Call Crown Computers, the San Diego Computer Service and Network Support experts, to schedule your free business review and receive 2 hours of free IT support. (*minimum 10 computers to qualify.)