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If you are a long time Gmail user like me, you have already seen the new tabs it offers to separate your junk mail that you get and the real mail you receive.

Show are ways you can change what is displayed or to remove entirely. Also you can mark a load of emails as READ with one option


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How to lock your iPad while children use

If you are like me and use an iPad to entertain your little ones, then this may news for you! Far to many times my little one has accessed my facebook or clicked on ads!

 Watch our CROWN video on how to use the GUIDED ACCESS on your iPad.


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Amazon Glacier

Amazon now has a web service called Glacier, that is a cheap back up and cloud storage solution. Let's see how it compares and if it is right for you!

How it works: They offer space called a "vault" that you can store your data for a small amount of time or for decades. The data is "archived", and each "archive" is assigned a unique archive ID that is used to retrieve the data.  You can store any kind of data in any kind of format.

Pricing: Amazon boasts that it charges $0.01 GB per month and you pay what you use only. There are no set up fees. To obtain your datat it costs $0.05 per 1,000 requests.  It is meant for data that is infrequently accessed and long lived.  So maybe your pictures? The volume of storage billed in a month is a based on the average storage used throughout the month.


Check it out yourself and if there is data that you need to store and not reallyl access then this may be right for you!

http://aws.amazon.com/amazon glacier


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iPad Air Quick Review


Apple showcased it's newest addition to the family, the iPad Air. Here is my quick review of it's specs and features.
Light as a feather... is what Apple is boasting about with this latest model. It is 28% lighter, 20% thinner and 24% less volume. Coming in at a small 1 pound from it's previous version of 1.44 pounds. It offers a 9.7 inch display and over 3.1 million pixels for an overall eye appealing experience. 
Built-In Apps
It has the standard iPhone apps we come to know and love but they have added some fun and work friendly apps such as, GarageBand, Pages, Numbers, and Keynote.
For more on these Apps and what they do, visit the Apple site. 
Built with what sounds like a new fighter jet, an M7 processor and an A7 chip are what keep this tablet boasting power. Don't let this fool you though, they have also integrated efficiency to save for battery life, which is about 10 hours.
It offers up to 2 times more Wi-Fi and more LTE bands for those who want to add to their cell phone service.
                                     16GB               32GB            64GB          128GB
Wi-Fi                              $499               $599              $699            $799
Cell                                $629                $729             $829             $929


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Cordless Earbuds.. a dream come true?


..and they are cheap?! Well don't go flocking to the store just yet. Let me first tell you about how these came to be and how you truly can get your hands on some. I plan to so I can show you guys how they work.
Greenwing Audio, started the prototype called SPLIT, and plan to see it through it's final stages. Split is still in it's prototype/beta phase and not fully mastered but you can still get some to try out and even maybe offer some input as to how to make it user friendly.
Here's the gist: Earbuds that are TRULY cordless that are basically run by two individually mini circuit boards to act as though they are connected. It is so precisely synced that you cannot tell that they are running independently.They are the size of a penny, about 1 inch.
Inside the circuit board is a crystal clock and accelerometer. They can be charged using a USB plug in. 
As mentioned before, these are not on the market just yet but you can pledge and depending on your pledge amount score some of these buds. Your pledge will fund the overall goal of this team to make it to the big leagues and get a real prototype going to the market.


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What to expect in Windows 8.1 update


Windows is releasing it's next free update in about a week or so. It should be easy to follow and smooth, but should you require any help or run into any issues, don't hesitate to contact one of our computer consultants to get the job done. Here is what you can expect from the update.
Option to boot from desktop
In my experience with a new windows machine, the option to view your desktop has always been there so this was never an issue. However, you now can boot your computer FROM the desktop as opposed to the tile screen. This just saves me a step and I guess it is easier and familiar. I guess Windows heard all those complaints about an old favorite. 
The return of the START Button also comes back on both tile screen and traditional desktop; but with a twist. It allows you to return to the previous screen, and with a right-click of your mouse you can see more options.
You can customize your Apps
In this version you now have the option to choose which apps/programs you want as your default. While Internet Explorer had many updates in the past not everyone is on board with this search engine. I know I prefer Google due to it's manageability. I log into my email and go from there. So you now can make sure that you only use Chrome, Firefox, etc. Among other Apps you can customize are the email, video player, music player, and photo viewer.
Disabling "Hot Corners"
Windows has a feature that allows you to press and hold corners of the screen using touch pad or mouse to reveal more options. This function can now be disabled.
Tile Size Customization
Tiles on the new screen can now be changed to three options for your viewing pleasure: Large, Wide, Medium, and Small.
App updates and Grouping
You can now group apps that are similar for easier tile keeping. Now if you have 5 apps that are for your photo editing you can group these into a new tile. Best way to think of this is folder on your desktop. Same concept just fancier wrapping.
Also now you can set up automatic updates for your Apps to schedule.
And lastly, what would a new update be without a slew of new background pictures and colors


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