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iPad madness in San Diego

Hi All,

iPad madness in San Diego

I just wanted to mention to everyone here that it's very tough to purchase an 3G iPad here in San Diego. While giving tech support in San Diego, we have found as a computer consulting firm, it is very handy to have an iPad. The application has zero boot time and there is an app for everything you can think of. I was doing network support for a client and I was able to use the iPad to search their network for all things such as network switches, network firewalls, NAS devices and networked printers.

How much time do you spend searching for documents or other files on your computer network? Many studies have been made on this subject, but let's face it… just a few minutes a day adds up to a lot of time.

How much does this really cost? Here's an example based on just 5 minutes a day:

5 minutes a day x 5 days per week = 25 minutes a week

25 minutes x 50 work weeks per year = 1250 minutes (or almost 21 hours per year!)

Multiply that number by the average salary in your company and you'll quickly find that thousands of dollars are going to waste unnecessarily.

With Microsoft Windows 7, you can instantly find any documents on your computer or on a shared network drive right from the Start Menu...

Contact Crown Computers - San Diego IT Support - for a demonstration of Windows 7 today!

It’s been a great conference, and a few take-aways for me are the following:

  • Learning new ways to backups server images
  • Learning about some new antivirus products that will help out IT support in San Diego greatly.
  • Using Nmap and MRTG to help diagnose tech support issue that arise from our client base here is San Diego
  • Using different ways of helping clients with IT support
  • Also I learned that showing clients all we do in term of our networking practices and in terms of all the things we do to try and get clients help proactively and fix things before they break. This will also help us show value to all of our tech support clients that have networking issues in san diego.

It was a great conference and I was glad to attend... This is Sean, over and out!!!!!

We love www.techsmith.com because they invented Jing!

Jing is so great for recording videos and its free. Try it, you might like it!

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Why Reboot?

Why do computer consultants tell you to reboot your computer all the time?!

Why do computer techs tell you to reboot?

Here is your geeky answer:

I was just on a call with a client and he was having issues printing. So I ended up stopping and starting his print spooler. This fixed the computer IT support issue but really if he rebooted he would not have had to call in because part of the rebooting process includes stopping and starting the print spooler.

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Watch Out San Diego

Example of a warning from a rogue security program known as AntivirusXP

Being the San Diego Computer consultants that we are, we come up with a lot of options for IT support and helping our clients proactively. We currently are letting our clients know about a new thing called "scare ware".

All the info on this can be found at this URL. It basically is when you start having lots of pop ups saying that you have a virus and please put your credit card down. Be very careful when clicking around -- things that seem legit may not be at all.

For more info on this, checkout this URL: http://www.microsoft.com/security/antivirus/rogue.aspx

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