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 So Crown Computers' normally creates original content but while reading and learning about the new iOS7 and the update I came across this great link.


I loved it so much I tried every possible SIRI command listed. I don't know why but talking to your phone is fun and funny no matter what. Because we all have done it or at least wanted to.

I will be posting what the iOS7 is all about and breakdown the features and such but this is just cool to try anyways without the update.


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Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

Similar to our previous post here are some Excel Keyboard Shortcuts


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Keyboard Shortcuts

Want to know how Crown Computer Consultants work faster and more effectively?

Learn these keyboard shortcuts!

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10 Ways to be Healthy at Work

          1.  Eat Healthy All Day

             Ever have those days when your just exhausted at work either from the night before or just because you had a busy morning? I know for me I like to  "reward" myself for my bad day with some slew of greasy food. While this might make me feel better for my lunch break, it really is just adding to my stress. I know it may not make sense but the best way to solve daily work stress is to eat healthy ALL day. Starting with the first meal of your day, breakfast. You should eat  your most hearty meal in the morning, when you need the energy, and continue the healthy eating through out the day to avoid crashes.

        2.  Set Up A More Ergonomic Workspace

              Crown IT Consultants  are very familiar with ergonomic workspace. We are computer techs! But not just techs deal with sitting all day. It may not seem like it is much but sitting at your desk can wreak havoc with your wrists, back, neck, and other body parts if done improperly. It doesn't take a fancy chair with arch support or even an expensive desk with all sorts of doo-dads. Just knowing the proper alignment for your mouse and keyboard and practicing  good posture.


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Valuable Inbox Practices

Think sitting down and going through your emails and deleting is the way to go? It might be the fastest, but who has time to sit down and do that?

Before cleaning up your email, be sure to speak to our representative regarding spam filtering. Our IT consultants can install spam filtering software in no time at all and get you protected from all that junk.

Here are a couple quick tips for de-cluttering your email.

Send less emails. As simple as it sounds, it is true and effective. When you send out to multiple or a group you also receive their responses that sometimes don’t even pertain to you. So send less.

“Can you unplug the back- up device?”, is a question all too commonly heard around the Crown office.

I am going to clarify what exactly this means and how-to.

What is a back-up device? In information technology, a back-up or the process of backing up refers to making copies of data so that these original copies can be used to restore the original data in the event that you lose the data. Crown utilizes two brands, Iomega and Buffalo.

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