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New IT items coming soon!

We are now adding a section on our website with current installations and sign on's to show that we mean business.

We will be displaying our wonderful work for our clients and serivces we offered to you wonderful San Diego People!

Also, once a month we will displaying a "happy customer"!

Check this all out in our TECH NEWS section!

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Changes are a coming...

New website design coming soon!

We are currently working hard to bring you a brand new face to your favorite Computer Consulting firm, CROWN!

We are reving up to make some big changes to the website. Change is good sometimes as we can make improvements for the better.

And who would we be if we didn't welcome change or try it? This is ever growing proof that your computer consulting company is on the cutting edge of technology and development.

So while the face of the Crown website is changing the back-end is not.
We are just giving our face a face lift :)

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Miramar Computer Consulting

Miramar Computer Consulting

Miramar is the mecca for all things industry. If you have ever been to Miramar you know what I am talking about. That area offers a ton of stores for bulk items. It is like Costco but for industry services. Crown Computer Consultants were lucky enough to gain a construction company in Miramar. We pride in offering computer consulting all over San Diego and just to show how far and where we are willing to go for your business!

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How to get your email answered fast

How to get your email answered fast

Don't you hate when you send an email to a co-worker and it seems like your simple and quick question takes forever or a day or two for them to respond? Maybe you need to be a more effective in your subject. This can help with quick reads and responses. Because let's face it, when we scroll through our emails the subject is the meat on the bone.

Think of it as writing a to-do list. If you start out with the verb that describes on what you need done and follow with a noun of what the email is about, your recipient is more likely to respond faster.

For example: Subject: Please CALL about meeting on Tuesday

When you are vague it makes the recipient read your whole email for a small message.

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