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How to breeze through forms online

Don't you hate when you have to fill out a form online but there are so many tiny little boxes you have to click on to type your information? Here is a little tip to help breeze through the form with ease and comfort for your hands.

Improved Employee Productivity

Simply use the TAB button. It's as simple as typing then pushing the TAB button. Made a mistake in the last field? Hit SHIFT then TAB it will take you back. No fuss no hassle. So no more reaching for your mouse and looking for the cursor before going to the next field. Make this a habit and you will be pro in no time!


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Look out! "You've Got Mail"

You've Got Mail

Remember the good ole' days when hearing that popular catchphrase, "You've got mail!", made you excited to be linked to the Internet? You wondered who could be taking the time to be writing to you or what they had to say. Now, even your secretary is getting between 80-100 emails in one day! All wanting your time to tweet this, Link that, and mentioning you on Facebook.

Let's face it, with the plethora of email providers people just don't get that excited about email anymore. Two reinging email providers are looking to change that with a fresh new look. Microsoft came out with it's new mail service that is trying to match Google's Gmail. Microsoft is letting Hotmail and users keep their emails and switch over to due to Hotmail's user base on the decline. Social media is what is key here and the main reason why these changes are being made. Microsoft lets you add contacts from Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, and Twitter.

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Microsoft Office Suite - now you can buy or rent!

I'm sure everyone knows how much of an expense Microsoft Office can be these days. If you don't get it pre-installed on your computer you have to shell out that extra cash to buy separately; either way you end up only really using a couple of the programs. That's just what happens because you can’t customize, but in 2013 this is a thing of the past. You now have the option of renting just what you need going month by month for $10.00 a month or $100 for a year upfront.

Another new feature is that the whole suite can be installed on 5 devices (2013 on Windows; 2011 on MAC) and all your files will be synced as you work. Subscriptions also include any future versions of the suites. So no more dealing with discs that get dusty in your drawer and worrying if you lost the key.


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