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iPad madness in San Diego

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Hi All,

iPad madness in San Diego

I just wanted to mention to everyone here that it's very tough to purchase an 3G iPad here in San Diego. While giving tech support in San Diego, we have found as a computer consulting firm, it is very handy to have an iPad. The application has zero boot time and there is an app for everything you can think of. I was doing network support for a client and I was able to use the iPad to search their network for all things such as network switches, network firewalls, NAS devices and networked printers.

And what's more, the iPad 3g can stream movies of all sorts such as tom and Jerry for my kids. The new version of the OS will have multitasking and much more as well so i can help people in san diego with their network support issues as well as doing their tech support. What a cool device this is!!!!

One last thing, now is the time to get the unlimited version of it because AT&T made it this last Monday that you cannot get the unlimited plan any more after that. So if you have an iPad that has unlimited don't let it run out because you may never be able to get that plan again.

If you need network support in San Diego, let us know -- we are here for you.

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