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spring cleaning

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Spring is in the air!

For many this is a time when we clean out our closets and make do with some new organizing. This can be a headache for others as the thought of going through the mounds of stuff they have put away seems daunting.

Whichever your case I'm sure there is one item in your home or work that you are forgetting (great, one more thing to add to the pile :), your computer or laptop!

Yes, without proper maintenance and cleaning a crash or virus is inevitable. If you have ever had your computer go KAPUTZ on you, you know this feeling is horrible. All your photos, documents, and web information GONE! Oh dear! Hopefully this has not happened to you. Here are some tips to help you get started...

As mentioned before your computer/laptop need some TLC but this also rings true for your phone. If you’re like me and use an IPHONE plugging in and saving is easy. But there are a few other little cleaning details that come handy. To start, you want to clean out any unused programs. Remember that game you downloaded because it was in the top apps of the week and you played it once? Well it's time to retire it. If you have not used your programs within the last 6 months I would delete. This can be done from the control panel on your laptop/computer. A lot of the time it will tell you when was the last time you used. You can also clear out your browser extensions from the TOOLS menu in your internet browser or you can download an all-in-one such as CC Cleaner.

Once this is all cleaned up you want to make sure your system, be it your iOS, Mac, or Windows is up to date. Download any new versions of your programs you use daily.

Next, is to boost security. The obvious course of action here is to let Crown help your business and manage Anti-Virus and Anti-spam for your workstations. For your home workstation if you do not have Anti-Virus or Anti-Spam (how have you made it this far?) there are a fair amount of free programs out there. Or you could shell out some cash for the top brand names which work. Do a FULL scan and back up to an external hard drive any REALLY important information.

If you want to take this security one step further you can do a sweep of your passwords and just make sure they are good strong passwords (see our previous article that covers passwords). If your password falls in the top 25 worst password, it's time to change!

As previously mentioned with backing up to an external or even uploading (ie Dropbox) can be helpful. It is better than nothing. If you are more tech savy creating a snapshot of your computer/laptop is great too. Basically should your device crash and burn you can always go back to the last saved version.

Lastly, this is purely external, you need to wash your computer. No, not in the washer, but a washcloth with mild soap will do the trick. Wipe down your keyboard, clean out your mouse (toothpick may be necessary), and use air in the can to clean out the dust bunnies.


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