We are excited to announce that new tools have been implemented to greatly reduce the spam you receive! You will notice a difference immediately. The increased spam blocking will help you to better use your time. It also should reduce some of your frustrations filtering through unwanted emails.

When you get a spam email and it’s blocked by the company spam filter you will receive a daily email outlining all emails that have been quarantined. This email is set for 3:35pm. (If you do not receive any spam there will not be a summary email.).

You will love this user friendly interface. This interface gives you the option to choose what emails are good or bad. See this screenshot for an example of what you will receive in your email:

Screenshot One - Spam Control Instructions


You can click the link at the bottom of the email which will take you to the following website where you can view your entire quarantine.

Screenshot Two - Spam Control Instructions


You can also manage quarantine settings from this interface by clicking the 'Preferences' tab while in your quarantine.

Screenshot Three - Spam Control Instructions


Instructions on how to install the Outlook plug-in:

1.) Close Outlook, and go to the following address: https://cuda.crowncomputers.com

2.) Click on 'Download Outlook Add-In Installer' at the bottom of the screen.

Outlook Icons - Spam Control Instructions

3.) After installing the plugins, open Outlook, and you should see the following icons in Outlook.

The green button gives you the ability to add email addresses to your custom white-list.

The red button gives you the ability to denote items in your inbox as spam. This will help the system learn what you perceive as spam.

4.) Finally you can customize some other options.
In Outlook, go to Tools, Options and choose "Spam Firewall".

Outlook Options - Spam Control Instructions


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