Bitmain Antminer Hosting Service

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Space available July 1!


Hosting Option:-Your miner working for you 24 hours a day in our data-center.  see plan options below



Electricity. Our charge is flat rate, not per Kw.

Colo space: secure, well ventilated hosting space,

Support: monitoring and minor repairs such as reboots and initial mining pool setup.



  • Send us your miner and start earning within 3 days.
  • Need to purchase hardware? We offer:  
    • Antminer S9-14TH/s  $(1099.00) each plus tax* 3 month hardware warranty, 14 in stock.  Power supply $135.  Setup fee waived on these systems.  **5% discount on hosting plans with this purchase.
    • Antminer A3's  $(539.00) each plus tax* 3 month hardware warranty, 15 in stock.  Power supply $135.
    • Innosilicon D9 DecredMaster $(8979.00) each plus tax* 3 month hardware warranty, 5 in stock.  Power supply $135.


Choose a Hosting Plan Per S9 or S11 (1375 watt) Miner: 

  • $145/month: Quarterly Agreement: $435/quarter plus 100 setup fee
  • $140/ month: Annual Agreement: $1680/year plus $100 setup 
  • *These rates are flat rate not per KW


Choose a Hosting Plan Per A3 (1275 watt) Miner: 

  • $140/month: Quarterly Agreement: $420/quarter plus $100 setup fee
  • $135/ month: Annual Agreement: $1620/year plus $100 setup fee
  • *These rates are flat rate not per KW


Choose a Hosting Plan Per D9 (900 watt) Miner: 

  • $120/month: Quarterly Agreement: $360/quarter plus $100 setup fee
  • $115/ month: Annual Agreement: $1380/year plus $100 setup fee
  • *These rates are flat rate not per KW


Payment: credit card, wire or bank transfer

Custom setup or hardware repairs will be billed hourly at $75/hour plus parts.

Shipping: Ship your miner to us or drop off at our San Diego location.  Customer responsible for shipping costs.

Insured: Facility and hardware insured so you can feel safe. 

Installation Time: We will have you mining within 3 days of shipping us your hardware or placing a new order.

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