disaster recovery

Crown Computers provides protection against virus, hardware failure, natural disaster or simple human error that could wipe out your most important files.

We are often asked about the different methods of data protection. We have outlined some critical points - To be fully protected we recommend using all 4 of these services. No client's needs are exactly the same. We would be happy to do a customized review with you. Each one of these items protects you in a different way. Visit the link below for more info.

» Data Recovery and Backup Plan

Our Support Guarantee

We guarantee that we will use every available resource...

We guarantee that we will use every available resource and the very best of our expertise to diagnose any type of network problem and then act accordingly so that it does not escalate into down-time for your business. We are so confident in our Small Business Ultimate Peace of Mind Plan that we know you won't need to look anywhere else.