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About Sean and Crown Computers

At Crown Computers, we built our business by being on the forefront of cutting edge technologies, working through the issues and testing solutions - so our Client's wouldn't have to. Today, our Client's count on us for surveying the technology landscape and recommending the appropriate solution for their business.

Here is a transcript of an interview with Sean Goss, CEO.

 Hi Sean, thanks for your time today.

Sean: Indeed.

We're talking with Sean, of Crown Computers. Sean tell us a little bit of how you started Crown Computers.your business.

Sean: Well CJ, it all started when i was 16 years old and I needed to upgrade our 286 to 386 because I wanted to play a game. We found out it that was very easy. All you do is install a little chip and badda bing, we upgraded our computer and we said ya know what this was easy. Why don't we throw an ad in the paper? We'll upgrade other people's computers. So we did that and when we would upgrade other people's computers; what would happen is they would ask, Well how do you use Word Perfect? and How do you use this handheld scanner? and we would would be like well I don't know, maybe we can figure it out for you. How do we print to this printer. So pretty soon we built this artillery of knowledge that we had and uh that's kinda how it all got it started., ya know,when I was 16 years old with my stepfather in military housing. It was fun times.

You mainly service businesses but it sounds like you started off servicing homes and indivituals you know. How did it transition to that? Into the business only business that you are today.

Sean: Yea that's a great question. Well we did start off on homes and stuff without the networking portions and server portions. I think that's kindawhere I cut my teeth mostly and kinda got to know what pc's were and what computers, got real into what they can do for people and such. This was even before the Internet ya know when we were doing people's homes and such. And ya know I think what happened from a transitionary period from our home user, ya know, servicing people at their homes to the business side of it. I think what happened was that in a few peoples homes we got into networking a little bit and then ya know we had one business or two ask us, Hey can you come out and help us? And then we slowly learned how to deal with that too. Ya know going back many many years learning how to deal with business and such. It's one of those things that slowly transitioned. We got one business and then that led to another and then we found out, ya know we kinda want to focus on businesses because there's a lot more going on in a business network when it comes to technology. The stakes are a little but more higher, it's more exciting, and so on and so forth. We ourselves were a business so it's almost self fulfilling in that way too. We need to take care of our own internal networks. So we're a small business today just as all our clients are. So we can speak on the same terms and understand each others pangs and woes and all that stuff.

It sounds like you have been building Crown Computers almost your whole life. But how long has technically Crown Computers existed in the San Diego usiness community? 

Sean: Ya know what, I've been doing business in San Diego for about 16 years now. It has been a great business for me and my family and all of our employees. It has been a really fun ride. 

What areas of San Diego do you service? As well as what types of businesses do you service?

 Sean: We have client's all over the San Diego County. Reaching up as far as Escondido, as far south as Chula Vista, and as far east as La Mesa and that whole area too. We service the whole entire San Diego County as well as clients that have different geographic regions. We have some clients that have an office in Las Vegas for example, or San Francisco. Some satellite offices in L.A. and Riverside. We even have a client that soley operates out of Key West, that's Kermit's Key Lime PIe Shop, great client of ours. 

Very cool, very cool. How many employees do you have working for Crown Computers?

Sean: Ya know what, I think we're up to about 9 now, 9 employees. I can still remember when it was just me. It's been an interesting ride to get from 1 to 9. 9 doens't  sound like a lot but building a small business it's been really fun ride seeing us kinda grow and have our own office. 

Can you tell us soem of the certifications or education that your technicans have to go through in order to be able to service your customers?

Sean:. As far as education and all that stuff, we really think that's important, that's for sure. The most important thing when qualifying an engineer, from my perspective and I do all the vetting as far as hiring the engineers and such is experience. We have hired people straight out of school before and the problem is you can have all the education in the world but if you don't have 10 years under your belt from a perspective of how to take care of a network all that sorta stuff, it's kinda tough. All of our engineers have 10 plus years of experience in the field. That's my biggest criteria. Some of the interesting beneath the scenes things in Crown is that we do interviews, when we have an engineer do a test and they don't even get to talk to me unless they do good on the test. And then furthermore we do also psychiatric evaluations, well I don't know if you want to call it psychiatric but kinda like a formal type of way to nail down a persons personality, whether they are an optimistic person, whether they're motivated and so on and so forth, so before they even get to talk to me we have them go through those two tests to quality to make sure they are a good canidate and will work out for us. 

Do you do mainly phone tech support or onsite. I know it's a combination of both. How much do you say that percentage lies?

Sean: That's a good question. I would say it is 80/20. 80% of the work that we do is remote and maybe another 20% is onsite. With the remote technology nowandays. With our alerting systems that we have that monitors servers an stuff, a huge majority of the work is done remotely. That is for sure.


What is the one service that is probably the most important that you offer to San Diego businesses?

Sean: Our biggest thing is, back up. All about back up. That is where the brains and the heart of every business lies is the data you've created. Your customer database. Whatever kinda data that you have. It's taken you years to create that and we hold that higher than anything that we deliver as far as levels of importance as far as what we service for a business. So we have dedicated employees that monitor that very rigoriously to make sure that each customer's data is protected and backed up. And that's something we keep our finger on the pulse on. 

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