Our mission is to continuously deliver the best quality and value of Computers solutions. We are committed to making sure that our service is a rewarding experience for both you and your clients.

Crown Computers has been providing Information Technology solutions to the San Diego area since 1996. Our relationships with partners such as Microsoft, Cisco, Citrix, HP, Dell, VERITAS and Symantec have allowed us the ability to design, scale and implement effective infrastructure solutions for our diverse client base. Our solution options include Application and Web Development; and Wireless, Local, and Wide-Area Networking; as well as Managed Services. As a Certified Microsoft Partner, our Core Competencies include Information Worker Solutions, Networking Infrastructure Solutions, Advanced Infrastructure Solutions, Microsoft Business Solutions, and we are a Microsoft Small Business Specialist.

We specialize in educating you in the Information Technology options available to ease your business' IT concerns in the 21st century. Our professional scope ranges from engineering and implementing Local and Wide Area Networking Solutions to architecting and designing custom Software Applications to address your specific business needs. The combined experience of Crown Computers’ Network and Software Applications engineers allow us the ability to successfully provide custom and affordable solutions to our valued clients.

Our technical expertise enables us to provide Network design and support, as well as Application development for both Office Automation and Internet/Intranet development and support, while utilizing technologies such as Digital Subscriber Line, Frame Relay, Point-To-Point Tunneling Protocol, and Virtual Private Networking. These technologies provide the ability to securely encrypt data transmission, paving the way for Electronic Commerce and E-Business.

By coordinating and managing all of your technical solutions and vendors, in addition to Proactively Managing your Network, we allow you the ability to completely focus on running your business.

We operate in the following Phases when we assess business needs:

Phases of Operations

Phase 1

Crown Computers will do a more in depth analysis of the network and make sure that we have all the details of what we would recommend. We will also patch all things that need to be patched. We will create the schedule for all workstations needing to be patched and make sure all of Crown’s recommended items are completed.

Phase 2

Crown will organize and diagram all of the existing workstations and computer equipment. Crown will provide any necessary recommendations for upgrades or new purchases.

Phase 3

Crown will look back to make sure we have taken everything into consideration. We will make sure all systems are now a part of Crown Computers’ Ultimate Peace of Mind program. Crown will make sure there is a solid communication plan and notify all vendors and third party software that Crown Computers will be a point of contact for Efficient Market Advisors.

Phase 4

We want to make sure that we look at your business’ needs, learn your business, and then help to suggest new things that will help your business accomplish things more efficiently. We will always suggest new ideas to help put you on the cutting edge of technology.